Throughout our years of attending Knott's Scary Farm, we've always known them to have the most mazes out of any halloween event in SoCal. Sometimes offering up to 13 different haunted experiences. At that time, it felt more like quantity over quality. Although people never really seemed to mind because everything had that "scary farm" style which we all loved. But over the years, the quality started to really over take quantity and Halloween Haunt started to really flourish in its new identity...Scary Farm. This year, Scary Farm is offering up 8 different mazes/haunted houses, 5 Scare Zones (1 new this year), and so much more. But today we are focusing on the mazes and scare zones for 2021!


The fog has finally settled down in the the quiet town of Calico, transforming it into the monstrosity that we've all come to know and love....Knott's Scary Farm! Every Halloween season, The Farm transforms into largest and most haunting Halloween event in Southern California, with unimaginable scares and innovative thrills that can’t be found anywhere …



FINALLY! The Halloween season is upon us and although masks are prevalent, it could never dampen our excitement for all things scary! We were supremely lucky to be invited to Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights this year to see what they had in store after missing 2020. Like many people, missing the 2020 haunt season really affected us more than we thought. We've said it before and we'll sound like broken records, but haunts aren't just about getting scared. It's about being with friends, making memories, screaming together and having fun. HHN 2021 reminded us about all these things and really showed us why we missed HHN. We won't lie, it was an emotional night! Finally being back at HHN and fully immersing ourselves in the IP's that reign supreme at this event. Each year of HHN brings new challenges to the team behind the event. Always being judged by their previous efforts. With a lineup of characters that haunted all our dreams when we were little, 2021 promised and delivered on all our nightmares.

The Woody Show Take Over of DCA… I Won! I Won!

Congratulations! You Are A WINNER! YAAAYYY! WOO HOO!... Well that was back in 2020 when I won tickets to The Woody Show Take-Over of DCA (Disney's California Adventure), but then the world shut down and total disappointment struck my soul. BUT... fast forward to 2021 and an email that assured the 2020 Winning tickets were …

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Shopping, Socializing and Scarfing at the Spooky Swap Meet

More than half way to Halloween, during the first weekend in May 2021- a Spooky Swap Meet was just what the doctor ordered. Created by Claire Dunlap, (Supervising Producer of Midsummer Scream), Sarah Cooke (Instagram Influencer and Creator of GOREnaments), David Markland (Executive Director Midsummer Scream) and Jon Cooke (Creative Director 13th Floor Entertainment) put together a place for all spooks and ghouls to gather, eat and shop.