Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group: Tortured Souls


In a city filled with people of all nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, languages and so much more; Los Angeles is a very unique city. Within, you can find Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group. Located off of Lankershim Blvd, where blacked out windows and doors separate passerby’s from one of the most intriguing, troubling, disturbing and mesmerizing experiences that Zombie Joe’s has to offer.

On a cold and drizzly Saturday night, groups of people start to line up and down the street to feast their eyes on this new show. The advertisement describes it as a “WILD NEW IMMERSEIVE-HORROR THEATRE SPECTACULAR” I feel as though this might be an understatement. If you are not aquented with any of Zombie Joe’s shows…they are unique. Keep an open mind when attending because it is a sight to be seen. After we had signed our waivers (Yes there are waivers. There is only light touching.) we were told that we would need to line up single file, close our eyes and enter the building. Now, I am not going to go into detail on the show because what is the fun in that! But also, the types of shows that ZJU creates must be seen in person and experienced live. Take my word for it when I say that Tortured Souls is probably the most thought provoking, disturbing and fun productions I have seen at ZJU. The things you see in the show are that only conjured up in nightmares. Now, I must say that I am weird. I like these types of experiences which test limits of creative horror theater. Although these productions are overtly shocking (not for the kiddies. Leave them at home, because these shows are for ADULTS) , it is sometimes easy to overlook the message and story these productions try to convey. Like many other art mediums, it take a keen eye to read between the lines of this productions sometimes. I do feel as though Tortured Souls was a bit more up front with its meaning.

I commend the team of ZJU for putting forth such an incredible production. I must also commend the actors and actresses of Tortured Souls because they went above and beyond the call of duty to provide such a sensory overload experience. DO NOT miss out on this incredibly unique experience. ZJU is something that I think everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Make sure to head over to Zombiejoes.com for more information about Tortured Souls and any of their other upcoming shows.

Advance Ticket SalesZombieJoes.Tix.com

Also check out Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group on Social Media.  @ZombieJoes


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