Exclusive Sneak Peek: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at Disney California Adventure



A little over a month before the anticipated released of the live action Beauty and the Beast hits the big screen, Disney’s California Adventure enticed guests with a sneak peak. The lampposts lining the Hollywood Land main drag were adorned with movie posters, but as we crossed under the Hollywood Studios sign, there it was. A gigantic filmstrip sign hanging high above that read “Exclusive Sneak Peek Disney’s Beauty and the Beast”. Can you say giddy?


Walking through the queue line there were huge movie banners of Beauty and the Beast and all of the enchanting characters, both human and formerly human. Upon entering the theatre, we were given our 3D glasses and proceeded to the holding area with  the other guests. On the far side of the room, behind red velvet ropes there stood two large glass showcases. Within the first case was the peasant dress worn by Belle in the movie.The dress was very simple just as she is.  It reminded me of a renaissance outfit with the corset and skirt both in various shades of cornflower blue. Next to the dress in the second glass case was the enchanted rose and mirror. Nothing lit up, nor did a petal fall, nor did the mirror show me the Beast, but yet they were still enchanting. A cast member shared with us that these items were used in the movie and now they were right before my eyes.

img_2624 img_2628

We proceeded into the theatre, which formerly hosted the Muppets, and grabbed our seats. The theatre filled quickly and you could feel the anticipation of the audience brewing waiting to see what would fill the big  screen. Adorning both sides of the theatre were velvet like curtains topped with several mirrors on each side. To my delight these enchanted mirrors reflected different characters within the movie in various soon to be seen sequences. As the theatre lights were dimmed, we put on our 3D glasses and settled in for the show.

Slowly the curtains separated and the room filled with music… “Little town. It’s a quiet village. Everyday like the one before. Little town. Full of little people. Waking up to say… Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!” Emma Watson stepped right into the vocal performance of Belle and hit all the right notes. She floated through the town just as the animated Belle had done before. This first musical sequence was pretty much shot for shot of the animated version from 1991. Gaston played by Luke Evans and Le Fou played by Josh Gad were perfectly cast as the two foils of the clip. The little townspeople, the flowing fountain, and even the three giddy girls who were gaga over Gaston mesmerized the audience. After the conclusion of Belle, the musical number, we were treated to a standard theatrical trailer that teased us even more for the upcoming live action movie. March 17, 2017 can’t get here soon enough.

If you are visiting Disney’s California Adventure or have an Annual Pass, I highly recommend you stop by the theatre and catch this Sneak Peek of Beauty and the Beast. You too will be enchanted and counting the days until it’s release. 



 Renee lives in a small suburb of Los Angeles with her husband. Each day she crosses the border into Orange County to go to her desk at a large HR outsourcing company. If you catch her in an elevator, she will usually check out your shoes and wonder where you got them. Renee enjoys most things Halloween, taking photos everywhere she goes, bouncing around theme parks and listening to her rock music at very high decibels.

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