The Theme Park Duo Podcast – EPISODE 107: TOP 5 CLOSED ATTRACTIONS



Have you ever just wished that your favorite closed attraction from the past would make a resounding return to the world of theme parks and amusement parks? One more ride on The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management? One more trip into the twilight zone on the Tower of Terror? Well this is the episode where the Duo talks about oldies that have gone the way of the dodo. They give their personal TOP 5 closed attractions here in Souther California. It is a whirl wind of emotions, sad stories and wonderful memories. Not only do we reminisce on amazing rides and attractions of the past, but we do talk about the new night time show coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We mention that permits have been filed to drastically change EPCOT’s future and Sea World in Orlando will be receiving a Sesame Street themed area to their park! Last but not least, we have a Haunting Headlines announcement with The Shining being confirmed for both Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights. Grab your photo albums, fire up that projector and come with us as we stroll down memory lane of our favorite closed attractions!

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