The Theme Park Duo Podcast – EPISODE 108: THE FUTURE OF THEME PARKS



We always end each episode with “There is always a great big beautiful tomorrow” because of our bright future ahead of all of us. But what a fitting thing to say with this weeks topic of the future of theme parks. Where are theme parks headed? What types of new technology will be implemented to make us feel like we are enveloped in fantastic worlds? Will there be media? Will it be practical? Will it incorporate Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? We try to figure out all these answers, but our opinions might surprise you! We are joined by Rick West of Theme Park Adventure and Midsummer Scream to talk about where we see the theme park industry headed. We talk about Universal Studios Flordia’s Volcano Bay and their new Tapu Tapu virtual line system, Jimmy Fallon: Race Through New York, Star Wars Land and many many more! In our Haunting Headlines section, we discuss the unfortunate news of the passing of Gary Corb, a staple and pillar of the Southern California Haunt community. Rick also drops some MAJOR news regarding his popular event, Midsummer Scream! This is a must listen episode for all those Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt fans!

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