Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Review – A Ride of Superhero Sized Fun


Gabe and I had the Privilege of attending the Media preview event for the brand new ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain; Justice League: Battle for Metropolis!!!

Not only is this a brand new ride for the park, it is the very first dark ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain! We were both very excited to try out this brand new attraction and see just how it fits in with all of the other thrill rides that the park offers.

We arrived at Six Flags, got our press passes and made our way to the Metropolis section of the park where the event was taking place.

It is safe to say that Six Flags knows how to throw a party! As we turned the corner, we saw a courtyard decked out with several tables, drink and food stations, and a live band! All the while the façade of the new ride, designed to look like the Hall of Justice, loomed in the background. We grabbed a drink and some delicious food and got right in to the swing of things.

Rick West of Theme Park Adventure and Midsummer Scream

While we enjoyed the music and refreshments, we were free to explore the ride and the gift Shop, Superhero Store, as much as we wanted! We went into the gift shop first. Along with a wide variety of Justice League merchandise, there were a few very impressive statues of our favorite Superhero BATMAN and villain Harley Quinn!

Now let’s talk about the ride itself! The queue for this ride is quite impressive. The first room you enter is the interior of the Justice League Building. To the left you see large marble statues of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. To the right you see a large screen. On the screen you see the Joker and Lex Luthor teaming up to take down the Justice League, and Superman informs us that the Justice League have recruited us to help defeat them and save the day.

You are then brought in to another room where you see an animatronic of Cyborg. This is our first introduction to Sally Corp. Animatronics in the attraction. The figure itself is very impressive. The only issue that I find with it, really isn’t with the animatronic itself. It has more to do with the way it is displayed.

We are meant to sit here staring at the animatronic as it describes the logistics of the attraction. When you are this close to a figure during an extended period of time, it is easy to notice its flaws. Unfortunately, in a world where animatronics such as the Shaman of Songs in Na’vi River Journey in Animal Kingdom exist, it makes these pale in comparison. BUT, that animatronic probably cost way to much to build and I would much rather have Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction as a whole over A Shaman of Songs Animatronic. Obviously these critiques are immensely small when given the scale and detail of this attraction. Also, if Six Flags is able to create attractions on par with Disney (Such as Justice League: Battle for Metropolis), mixed with the thrill Six Flags brands promise, then those thinking about the animatronic will all but forget it exists. This is because the experience as a whole is what counts, not one fancy encounter with high grade technology.

As stated, Cyborg describes the logistics of the ride to you and tells you what to shoot with your laser gun once you board your vehicle. Lex and the Joker also pop up on screen to give you a few more details of their evil plan.

After that you are led to one more room, where you finally board your ride vehicle! The ride vehicles sit six people each and are tiered, so everyone has a great view!

While I do not want to spoil any of the details of the actual ride, I will say that as soon as the ride ended Gabe and I knew that we were in agreement on how we felt. We both agreed that we were caught off guard by how much we enjoyed this ride. It was fun, thrilling, interactive and engaging! I can definitely say that I have never been on a shooting ride quite like it, Ever! Although we did experience a few hiccups as far as pacing and timing were concerned; We were in one room where the animatronics shut down and we were left in the dark for a few moments, and we were in another room for a tad too long and were left staring at the corner of the screen. I am sure that these were just hiccups that will be worked out in time and did not hinder our enjoyment, or our overall experience. We enjoyed ourselves so much that wanted to ride it again and again, so we did!

As the night went on, we rode the ride a few more times while we waited for the official opening ceremony to start at 8:30.

Everyone in attendance waited around the pavilion in front of the Hall of Justice and, promptly at 8:30, the lights dimmed and the festivities began! We were first greeted by the President of Six Flags Magic Mountain herself, Bonnie Webber.

Bonnie thanked us all for coming and spoke about how momentous of an occasion this was, and how proud she was of the team that worked tirelessly to make this ride possible. She then introduced an executive from Warner Brothers, who worked closely with a team on the creation of the ride.

We also heard from John Wood, of the Sally Corporation. He spoke about the creation and evolution of the ride as it got placed in Six Flags parks across the continent.

After all the speakers, the lights dimmed and we were treated to an epic fireworks show! The show focused on each member of the Justice League and really built up a sense of excitement and anticipation for the attraction we were about to experience.

And at the end of the show, The Justice League even made an appearance! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Supergirl all came out and gathered to take pictures with the crowd. These characters will be a photo-op outside of the Hall of Justice during normal operating hours.

Overall I believe that Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is a welcome addition to the already stellar lineup of attractions available at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It is a fun and well themed ride that offers an escape from the heat on those blistering summer days. The level of detail that Six Flags was able to achieve in this attraction is no less than astounding. I have no doubt that, if this ride is any indication of where Six Flags is headed; we have a bright future with many more thrilling attractions of SUPERHERO PROPORTIONS to look forward to.

Congratulations to the whole Six Flags family and all those involved with Justice League: Battle for Metropolis!

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