Drunken Devil’s Curse of the Jungle Drums Review: A Dark Enticing Fantasy of Horror and Sex Appeal


On a hot summers night, we made our way to the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles to partake in our fair share of debauchery and sinning with The Drunken Devil at his newest soiree, The Curse of the Jungle Drums! Once we parked, we entered the private party thru an alley. Although I truly love the exclusivity of these parties and its “in the know” feeling, I would love to see them upgrade the locations.

Once you enter, you are greeted by an idol resting upon a barrel with a severed head. This definitely helps set up the vibe and story of this event. By the lighting, you could tell the idol was of significance to someone or something.

Once in the main room, to the left was an open bar featuring multiple tiki and Polynesian inspired drinks. AND THEY WERE STRONG!

In the same room were multiple high top tables with very nice decorations and a photo booth! Of course the Drunken Devil himself waltzes around the venue welcoming his guests to his newest soiree. Throughout the venue, magicians roam the floor waiting to astonish unsuspecting guests.

Magic by Henry Springer & Jimmy H.

In the larger room was the main stage as well as the location of the band,The Jennifer Keith Quintet.

Past a small dark doorway, you can find a lounge area with Tarot Card Readers.

During the night, multiple wonderful burlesque dancers (Scarlette Fox, Jessabelle Thunder, and Olivia Bellafontaine) commanded the stage with their sultry and seductive dances! Many of them familiar from previous Drunken Devil events. 

One of the MAJOR things that sets Drunken Devil apart from the rest of the pack is its use of story that weaves itself into the over all experience. All around the party, you can find characters partaking in the fun but also looking rather ominous. In this party, all the people looked particularly dead. Many with gun shot wounds in their foreheads, sliced throats, bloody scratches and bodies so riddled with bullets it would make Sunny from The Godfather blush. Well, maybe not that far but you get the point. Unlike the last party, this storyline didn’t seem to have a end. It merely was a device in order to help guests know the story behind the party.

As I spoke to a gentleman with the bullet wound in his forehead, he told me that the Professor (an Indiana Jones character alla opening of Temple of Doom) brought back the Golden Idol we saw in the entrance back from another country. Against the will of his girlfriend who wanted nothing to do with it. When he brought it back, everyone started to kill each other! Now they are all stuck in limbo, WHICH, happens to be the party we are at. What I found funny was the drama that was occurring between characters through the event. It gave the event a level of depth. This type of added detail makes a regular party to the next level. Although I would have loved for the story to have an ending (if it did, we were unaware) but I was very happy to see this type of entertainment return.

The only negative throughout the night, would have to be the heat. We have been hitting record numbers and to go inside a building with little ventilation was rough. There was air conditioning but it was not circulating through the rooms. I know for myself, having cold beads of sweat going down my back was not make me the most comfortable. But, I know that Matt Dorado (Creator of Drunken Devil) has no control over the weather.

All in all, I think Matt and the whole Drunken Devil team continues to fire on all cylinders with Curse of the Jungle Drums. I continue to get excited at the prospect of bigger parties, more entertainment, stiffer drinks and cool themes. Drunken Devil events promise to be a delight for the senses as well a welcomed escape from the outside world.

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