Foolish Mortals: A Haunted Mansion Documentary

There are many fandoms in the world of Pop Culture. Many revolving around television shows, movies, books, and comics. Theme Parks don’t usually fall under this list. But The Haunted Mansion has permeated this boundary and has solidified itself as a major fandom for millions of people. James H. Carter II, Director of Foolish Mortals has noticed this and has showcased it in his film.

Along side his partner in crime Ryan Grulich, they were able to encapsulate the passion and emotion that many people have for this attraction! James and Ryan searched high and low for people with the itch for everything Haunted Mansion and ended up showcasing people from all walks of life. They did an incredible job traversing the many doorless chambers of the Haunted Mansion Fandom especially considering the many different ways people show their love. I personally found the film to be extremely informative and extremely dorky in the best possible way. Now I will not go into the film too much because it is an experience onto itself, especially for those who love Haunted Mansion. But there are some cool people who show up in the film. What I absolutely love about this film is it’s (possibly) untended message. When leaving the premiere, I thought that it could be used to connect with those who consider themselves outsiders. A message to those young people who may not fit in, who may like weird things, and who may think they do not belong. If an attraction can transcend languages and bring people together, then there will be people who like what you like and who love what you love! It’s just a matter of time before you find them all. Even if this concept was unintended, I believe that many other could possibly see it the same way I did, and the world can be a better place because of it.

Before the film started, we were treated to a fun costume contest for those attending the film!

The two guys on the right dressed a Haunted Mansion fan and THE VOID…

Outside of the film, the gathering was a blast. There was a cash bar, where there was a Haunted Mansion inspired drink called, The Madame Leota!

There were even a few vendors there selling their art or selling tickets to the hottest Halloween Festival in town. First was Cotton Candy Nightmare (, where they sold many different spooky Minnie Mouse ears for those venturing to the D23 Expo that weekend.

Next to them was the Midsummer Scream booth! Selling tickets to their second year of the wildly popular Halloween Festival. (

There was also Bat In Your Belfry ( where you could buy some amazingly spooky art! We even picked up a couple for ourselves!

Last but not least, there was Topher Adam (IAMAFOOLISHMORTAL.COM) who was part of the film! He was there signing and selling limited edition prints of his one of kind painting.

As an event, we both had a blast joining the many people who shared a common love for The Haunted Mansion. We highly suggest that everyone check out this fun film that celebrates all those who love the famous attraction. Head over to to check out how you can buy a copy of Foolish Mortals for your creepy collection.


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