A Visit In Pictures: Our Halloween Trip To Universal Studios Orlando Resort

We may be sick, but we are not tired of Universal Orlando Resort! (Too Cheesy?) Nikki and I had a quick trip to the East Coast to visit the Universal Orlando Resort for Halloween Horror Nights 27 as well as both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Neither of us attended HHN on that coast before and the last time Nikki was here she ONLY spent time in Hogsmeade so the rest of the Islands of Adventure and USF were a complete surprise to her. It was a fast trip but so worth it! We had a complete blast and cannot wait to plan our next trip out to Universal Orlando Resort

In this MASSIVE XL sized Visit In Pictures, you will find Halloween Horror Nights 27 (NOTE: sorry for the quality of the pictures, it rained that night and I never wanted to take out my expensive camera in the rain so I used my phone), Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. We will be giving a full review of Halloween Horror Nights 27 in an upcoming episode with Rick West of Theme Park Adventure! So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that!

After a quick morning at City Walk, we went back to our Hotel, Cabana Bay to get ready and relax before venturing back out!

That night, we had the Scare Actor Dining Experience booked for dinner instead of just eating any random food that we could have chosen. We were so unbelievably impressed with the food, service, talent and staff. All the Scare Actors were on their game, the the staff were more than accommodating and courteous. We highly suggest you check this out if you have never been to it.

The Igor character called me out from a million miles away for being a blogger! Wonderful interaction and it was even fun to see him interact with others as well. Such a stand out!


This monster was really getting to Nikki and I loved watching every second of it!

With the dining experience, we even got two free digital downloads of photos taken of us at dinner. Of course we sought out Sam for a photo! He was highly requested so it took a while to track him down.

Off we went into the park! The Trick R Treat scare zone was the highlight of the night for environments. The pumpkins lit in the trees and the area filled with dead children. It was simply beautiful.

Nikki felt left out and wanted to go trick or treating too. But I warned her because you never know what is in your candy.

It was so wonderful to see Bill and Ted’s again and for it’s last show. Even though we were not emotionally invested in the show any longer, the passion and emotion from the actors and crowd was palpable. If you are at HHN 27, DO NOT MISS THIS!

After a long full night at HHN 27, we crawled our way back to Cabana Bay and slept for maybe a good 4-5 hours. We got back up and hit the parks hard! This time starting at Universal Studios Florida!

First ride of the day was Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

We loved the Rag Time Gals so much! Great entertainment while you wait to ride the attraction.

You can’t forget Hashtag The Panda also!

This was a major draw for us when planning our trip to Florida. Diagon Alley was overwhelming in so many way, it moved us to tears. It was gorgeous and so much fun to explore. So many nooks and crannies to discover.

Harry Potter and The Escape From Gringotts was an extremely impressive attraction that we rode multiple times.

We got the photo that they take of you in line! Funny, you can take the same exact photo while waiting in line. Not sure which we prefer!

Can’t have too many dragon photos!

We had to try some Fishy Green Ale!

Another highlight, it was time to take the Hogwarts Express from King’s Cross to Hogsmeade.


Standing here staring at the train was another one of those surreal moments for us. Watching the steam float through the air as it waits for us to climb aboard was a magical moment for sure.

We have arrived somewhere that looked very familiar to us as Universal Studios Hollywood AP holders.

Nikki was in her happy place! Butter Beer in one hand and a wand in the other!

We didn’t get a chance to really explore much of The Los Continent. But we can save that for next trip when we spend more time at the resort. But what we did see, we fell in love with.

Seuss Landing seemed a bit dated but overall cute. It was a stark difference than it’s neighboring island.

After leaving Suess Landing, we entered Port of Entry.

Marvel Superhero Island was next! Time to conquer The Hulk and ride The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman!

As much as I love the new incarnations of the Marvel Superhero Universe. There was something so nostalgic about seeing these characters in their cartoon form. I did grow up with a Father who was a MAJOR comic book collector. So I was versed in the history and background of these characters. So I guess it reminded me a bit of my childhood.

I felt like a child again meeting all these comic book characters! So much fun being able to hand out with some of your favorite goodies and baddies.

Nikki when looking at Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall “When you look at it from the wrong angle, those fans make it look like Dr. Doom has nipple tassels…your welcome.”

Me when going up the lift hill “DON’T RADIATE ME BRO!”

Our next stop was Kong, but we had to go through Toon Lagoon to get there!

Outside of either Harry Potter attraction, Skull Island Reign of Kong was the most impressive.

After we finished up at IOA, we hopped back on The Hogwarts Express and went back to King’s Cross Station to spend the rest of our remaining hours at Diagon Alley.

Had to try some butter beer ice cream.

Our little Dino friend wanted to try some butter beer too so we obliged. Especially since he was stuck near Jurassic Park his entire life.

Overall, our trip to the Universal Orlando Resort felt like a dream. It was over way to fast and we are counting the days till we visit again.

We hope you enjoyed this picture adventure! As mentioned before, we will be having a FULL REVIEW of HHN 27 on our upcoming episode which you can find RIGHT HERE on our site! Also in the near future, we will do a complete trip report documenting our entire trip.

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