Star Wars Galactic Nights 2018 and Victoria and Albert’s


This Sunday, May 27th is Star Wars Galactic Nights for 2018, in celebration of Solo: A Star Wars Story. (review on that tomorrow) I will be attending the event, and I will be doing a TON of content based on the event. For example, podcast, articles on this very website, YouTube video, Periscopes etc. We will be attending one of the panels since we got the dining package, speaking of the dining package. We will be trying most of the food (if not all of it) that is new this year to the event. Speaking of food, we did this event last year and I can say without question the dining package is worth it, and I believe it stayed the same price, $30 per person. (it may of gone down actually I think it may of been $35 last year, I could be wrong I will double check this and update it once I do)

And then, just a few days later we get to do the legendary Victoria and Albert’s. I will be doing a review here and on our podcast about this once in a lifetime event.I cant say much about this yet seeing as I haven’t done this before. However, I am so excited to share all of these experiences with you guys! Stay tuned!

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