Blue Debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort

Blue Debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort as Part of the “Raptor Encounter” Experience

On our last trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, we were making our way down to the Lower Lot to see some of the progression of Halloween Horror Nights Mazes as well as a possible goodbye ride on Jurassic Park. As we approached the bottom of the escalators, we noticed that the Raptor was already out for the Raptor Encounter! Us being dorks for photo ops, we went directly over for a face to face encounter. But this was no regular Velociraptor, it was BLUE! We were so jazzed to see Dino that we recognized from the Jurassic World film.

The Raptor Encounter is possibly the coolest character photo op (Transformers is a close 2nd) you can get in any theme park around! This raptor will eat Mickey for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It’s thrilling, it’s cool and it’s incredibly fun. Any chance we get, we visit our Dino friend on the Lower Lot. Now, knowing that Blue will be a permanent resident of the Lower Lot is incredible. We can only hope we see this Dino family grow and we can get even more amazing photo ops with Dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. Can you imagine a Dilophosaurus walking around spitting water at people on a hot day?

Below is all the info regarding Blue joining Raptor Encounter as well as Countdown to Extinction of Jurassic Park – The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Guests Are Invited to Come Face-to-Face with the Fan Favorite

Blue, one of the most popular dinosaurs from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s blockbuster Jurassic World franchise, is now part of Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort’s exciting “Raptor Encounter” experiences inviting guests to brave the dangerous predator in daring face-to-face standoffs.

The imposing life-like creature is Owen’s beloved Velociraptor from Jurassic World and Jurassic World:  Fallen Kingdom and was brought to life for the “Raptor Encounter” employing the exact computer-generated model and images used to create her for the big screen. 

Blue is a welcome new addition to the “Raptor Encounter,” allowing guests to come face-to-face with the clever carnivore. Velociraptors are intelligent and formidable hunters, and theme-park guests are advised to approach them with caution.

With their intimidating eye contact and ear-piercing screeches that reinforce predatory dominance, each Raptor bares 56 razor-sharp, bone-crushing teeth and lunges forward with curved talons that extend up to 12 inches from their 18-inch-long feet.  Towering 12 feet in height and 15 feet—from tail to snout—the aggressive carnivores will each succumb to highly skilled handlers who adeptly guide them to within feet of guests.  


“Countdown to Extinction of Jurassic Park—The Ride” at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood recently announced its “Countdown to the Extinction of Jurassic Park—The Ride” campaign designed to pay homage to the thrill ride that closes on September 3 to make way for the all-new Jurassic World ride, a technologically-advanced epic adventure inspired by Universal Pictures’ blockbuster film franchise, opening in 2019.

In 1996, Universal Studios Hollywood redefined theme park thrill rides with the unprecedented introduction of “Jurassic Park—The Ride,” based on three-time Academy Award® winner Steven Spielberg’s epic film.  Hailed as a technological achievement of triumph and wizardry, the ride featured newly debuted principles of hydraulic physics, mechanics and space-age robotics.  Working in partnership with scientists, paleontologists and aerospace engineers, Universal Creative—the team that develops Universal theme park rides—brought to life one of the most compelling rides ever created. Life-sized and lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, some towering more than five-stories high, freely roamed the earth at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Twenty-two years later—and after sending millions of guests back to the Jurassic era for menacing encounters with such predators as Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Dilophosaurus, Velociraptors and the Tyrannosaurus rex, “Jurassic Park—The Ride” will become extinct in preparation for a new, next-generation experience that’s even more immersive and technologically-advanced.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Arrives in Theatres on June 22, 2018



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