A Visit in Pictures: Pixar Pier and Disneyland

This weekend, we got a chance to head down to the Disneyland Resort. We had a character breakfast scheduled to celebrate our Anniversary, which just so happen to coincide with the opening of Pixar Pier. We do have to say, we were extremely nervous even going to the resort because we knew it was going to be packed! But we persevered and here is how our day went!


Early in the morning is the perfect time to take photos in front of the castle. The sun won’t be in your face and the lighting is rather flattering.

Nikki and I hadn’t gotten a chance to see the new Redhead scene added to Pirates of the Caribbean yet. So this was our first place to stop at the park.

We loved the the overall freshening up the attraction got. It for sure got some TLC. One major note is how Disney decided to ditch the terrible fake waterfall. We were unbelievably happy to hear this happened. Instead, they brought back the original dialogue/lighting that previously occurred in this portion of the attraction.

Ugh, and here is the new Redhead scene. I will keep this short because we will be discussing this on our next episode. To put it simply, we really didn’t like how this scene was developed, added or even executed. We are just happy to have Pirates back at the park.

After our slightly disappointing ride through Pirates, we went to my single favorite original attraction, The Haunted Mansion.

Our favorite ghost in the Mansion, The Hat Box Ghost!

I was finally able to get a decent photo of this guy! It is extremely difficult, especially with a Omnimover style attraction.

After The Haunted Mansion, I got to ride Indiana Jones Adventure! But soon after that, we got to finally go to our character breakfast at the Plaza Inn!

Believe it or not, this was the first time Nikki and I had done a character breakfast in the park before! We are no stranger to Goofy’s Kitchen, or even the character breakfast experiences in Walt Disney World.

Overall, we were highly impressed with the variety of characters this experience has! They had Max…MAX! I got so excited just like a little kid. That combined with the limitless food makes this a MUST DO for us.

With full tummies, we waddled ourselves over to California Adventure for…

Pixar Pier

Right off the bat, we didn’t like the new view across the water. We lost some elegance that Paradise Pier had, and gained some ascetically loud changes. The bright red tubes, with the blue Mickey’s Fun….*clears throat* I mean The Pixar Pal-A- Round, in general, feels like an eye sore.

Even though we are not huge fans of the change, we did love the noticeable details that Imagineers placed through the new land.

While Nikki sat down and had a cookie, I got to ride The Incredicoaster.

The entrance is grand, and I actually really love the artwork that adorns the underside of the entrance archway. Which leads me to the EXTREMELY underwhelming sign for the attraction itself. For a ride based off of superheroes, this sign feels extremely un-super.

Throughout the line, there are posters describing the main characters of the films, just in case riders are unfamiliar with them.

If you haven’t ridden the attraction yet and are dying to see what Disney has changed, take a gander at this video.

Overall, I really enjoyed the changes made to the attraction. I absolutely loved the Michael Giacchino score from the films on top of the “slight” story added to the attraction. I found myself laughing at a lot of it and just smiling so big. Other than those points, it’s essentially the same ride as California Screamin’. Unless you are a huge Incredibles fan, I do not think this ride is worth the wait times it’s garnering at the moment. Just wait till the excitement of Pixar Pier has calmed down, and head on over for a ride that, to me, is worth a 30-40 minute wait…TOPS.

Here are some photos of the rest of Pixar Pier. In general, not much to notice. The major factor for us was that the land isn’t completely finished yet! There are still attractions being added and stores waiting to be finished.

Right across from Mickey’s Fun….The Pixar Pal-A-Round, The Pixarmonic Orchestra plays through the day. We happen to catch this amazing group over in the Paradise Garden area in the past.

Their high energy and goofy sense of humor will bring you in and the music will keep you there. Who doesn’t like hearing movie music! I could watch this band all day. The only down side is the time we watched them, the sun was right over head and really beating down on us. Maybe some more shade in Pixar Pier is needed.

Nikki and I will talk more about our experiences at our character breakfast, Pirates of the Caribbean and Pixar Pier on our next episode, so stay tuned!

If you want to follow our adventures, make sure to follow our social media accounts. We post to Instagram stories, Facebook and Twitter anytime we are at the parks.

But thank you for coming along with us, on our visit to The Happiest Place on Earth…DISNEYLAND!

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