Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place Offers 3 Floors of Halloween Goodness in 2018

Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place Offers Up 3 Floors of Scary Halloween Fun

As many readers know, the Haunt scene in Southern California is perhaps one of the best in the country. It’s difficult to decide between big productions such as Knott’s Scary Farm, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, and Six Flags Fright Fest. While this is great for us haunt fans, it also means that the competition between haunted attractions is fierce and leaves independent haunts in a difficult position.

Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place utilizes this to its advantage, however, by offering extremely fun and terrifying attractions and vendors that you can’t find at the big haunts. Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place offers a different take on haunts that’s truly geared for the Haunt Fans.

Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place took over the abandoned Macy’s in Laguna Hills Mall in Laguna Hills, CA. The 1950s mall setting sounds bizarre, but the creators make clever use of all three floors of the building including old stock rooms and dark industrial elevators. There are three “mazes”; but it’s much better suited to call them attractions. This is in addition to two scare zones, food trucks, two performances, and a plethora of unique vendors as well as special guests.

The night we went, Disney Legend Bob Gurr was there to sign posters and interact with guests. Subsequent guests include actor Robert Mukes from “House of 1000 Corpses,” “Westworld,” and “Bone Tomahawk” as well as stuntman/actor Bob Elmore—known for playing Leatherface.

All of this can be seen on the floor all while trying not to be too spooked by the scare actors walking the floor and scare zones! The two scare zones involve an area themed to clowns and another themed to a kind of post apocalypse. Scare actors in both were phenomenal and really loved interacting with guests. Carnival clowns were spooky and funny while the post apocalypse guys were aggressive and bizarre.


There are three unique attractions on display at Sinister Pointe. We had an absolute blast with all three of them. The things that truly made all of these stand out is the interactivity and the stellar performances from the scare actors throughout. Usually, your group goes through solo instead of the usual conga line of people. This makes for some great scares as well as interactions with the wonderful scare actors which really makes Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place unique.


The first attraction we went into—Phobias—was a series of rooms filled with the many fears we might have. This maze was very similar to Knott’s Trapped experience that is sadly no more.

Each room usually has a scare actor that you interact with in order to make it into the next. These range from comical to terrifying in a manner that keeps your adrenaline running while maintaining a decent amount of brevity.

The sequence of rooms as well as the superb acting made for an incredibly entertaining time that we had to experience twice! The actors remembered us as well which made for some deeper interactions and allowed us to enjoy it even more.

Evil On 2

The next frightening attraction we entered was Evil on 2. This was a little bit more of a traditional maze that with a storyline and set path. Guests check in to a hotel where strange happenings are occurring. The set design and path was really great. You start out in an elevator which works well to separate guests into small groups as they walk through the hotel.

The set design was truly impressive as they built a very believable hotel with entire hallways of hotel rooms and different set designs in each. Scare actors were truly on point and each room had something unique to offer.

It was truly impressive how they managed to keep the storyline tight and defined while still offering a diverse amount set pieces. And of course, there plenty of good places for scares!

Boogeyman Express

This was certainly the attraction that took us most by surprise! This attraction took place over the entire third floor of the building. Guests could only enter 4 at a time because you actually took a ride on a mine cart along with a drive and tour guide! Guests are given a tour of an abandoned mining town that is apparently haunted by the boogeyman. Actors interacted a lot with the cart you were riding in and managed to really scare us a few times. The design pieces were obviously on a much larger scale as an entire cart pulled along by a kind of rickshaw needed to make it through which was extremely impressive. They utilized the cart well to turn it into a ride—speeding up to turn it almost into a chase as things became particularly dicey! We were really impressed with the ambition of this attraction and had an absolute blast experiencing it.


While we had an amazing time exploring the top-notch mazes Sinister Pointe had to offer, the scary fun didn’t stop there. Just when we thought that we couldn’t be enjoying ourselves any more, the event’s two killer shows were on deck.

Mudd the Magnificent

Mudd the Magnificent started the evening off with a bang. His act, which is chock full of quick-witted humor and awe-inspiring magic, had us on the edge of our seats from start to finish. Mudd’s involvement of the audience was an added thrill, as some individuals picked out of the crowd were not only able to see the wondrous magical acts, but were able to feel (or not feel, in the case of disappearing objects) the magic in their fingertips with a hands-on experience.

The audience interaction didn’t stop at the end of his show. He could be seen throughout the night wowing visitors all over Sinister Pointe. Mudd’s lovable, Beetlejuice-esque persona combined with his amazing magical talent was the perfect addition to an already scare-tastic event.

Monte Revolta & His Band of the Living Dead

Monte Revolta & His Band of the Living Dead rocked right out of their graves and onto the stage at Sinister Pointe. As soon as we heard the It theme turn into 99 Red Balloons, we knew we were in for an awesomely fun show.

The horror movie references didn’t stop there, either. The highlight of the show was a Haunted Mansion tribute mash-up while Bob Gurr, Legendary Disney Imagineer and guest of the evening, stood in the audience taking it all in. Monte Revolta’s charisma and energy on stage was contagious. He and his band had us grooving during the entirety of their act. After jamming to their original sound and horror-inspired rock and roll, we felt ready to do another round of the mazes. 


We always love perusing merchandise so when we heard there would be vendors in addition to everything else at Sinister Pointe, we were totally jazzed. As we began on the first floor and made our way to the second, we quickly realized that there was an awesome range of products available. Items featured included home décor items including coffin bookshelves from Halloween Psycho Coffin Co., Elvira pins and other spooky wear from Kreepsville 666, and haunting soaps and candles from Hellflower Soap Company.

These were only a few of the many unique horror vendors surrounding the floor. Whether you are looking to decorate your home to reflect your love of horror or strut some new scary apparel, you will be sure to find it among the vendors at Sinster Pointe.


In the end, we had an absolute blast at Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place. They have a whole lot of different offerings that were all a blast! Their dedication to interactivity and the top notch scare actors truly make them stand apart from the rest. This in addition to the one of a kind performances and vendors make for a one of a kind haunt that we believe all haunt fans should experience. We’ll certainly be going back next year!

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