Delusion: The Blue Blade is an Triumph in Immersive Theater

DISCLAIMER: This article will not spoil any major plot points of the experience. But it does include photos of characters you will encounter throughout.

After a year long hiatus, Delusion (Created by Jon Braver) is back on the scene with The Blue Blade, which is the sixth story in the Delusion Universe. If you are unfamiliar with Delusion, they are a theater company that creates “psychologically disturbing” interactive experiences and has the guests become a part of the story. Nothing about this event is passive, each and every moment of a Delusion’s plays engages the guests like nothing we’ve ever experienced. You find yourself directly interacting with characters, crawling, climbing, hiding and helping uncover the mystery of The Blue Blade. 

Using an innovative blend of suspenseful storytelling, a chilling original score, creature FX, and professional actors and stuntmen, Delusion creates a truly one of a kind world-class immersive experience. You will interact with actors, perform actions, retrieve objects, solve mysteries, choose paths and perhaps sacrifice yourself to move the story forward.

This year, unlike years prior, doesn’t revolve around an outwardly macabre storyline. Guests are invited to take part in an adventure story akin to an Indiana Jones film. As MASSIVE FANS of those movies, everything about that description had us drooling at the potential. 

“The world has become erratic since the theft of the Blue Blade, an artifact of unknown origin rumored to give is owner the power to tear through the fabric of space and time. Once held by the Safeguard Society, an elite group of historians, the blade was stole by Professor Evelyn Lowell…one of their own. Evelyn went underground and unlocked the mysteries of the blade. For years she ran a black market, amassing wealth by taking clients to other eras. But as praying eyes grew near, she disappeared. Rumored to be protected by a shadowy cult. The fate of time and space has in the balance as Evelyn and the blade slip further away. As a sign of desperation, the Safeguard Society looks to you, their most promising initiates, to track down Evelyn and the blade. There have been no leads…until tonight.”

After a full year of waiting, this years incarnation does not dissappoint. From start to finish, The Blue Blade takes hold of it’s guests with incredible storytelling and compelling performances and never let’s go. What feels like a 10 minute experience is actually somewhere around 50 minutes to and hour. As active participants in the play, you lose track of the real world and become a part of this “Delusion” Jon Braver and David Brzozowski (Co-Writers of The Blue Blade) have created. Truly allowing it’s guests to live out their Indiana Jones inspired dreams.

As mentioned before, this years story isn’t outwardly macabre like prior years could be described. I think some people have come to expect horror inspired stories from these experiences. Although we personally would love for every story to revolve around such dark topics, we know that good storytelling doesn’t always linger within a singular style. Similarly, the horror factor of this years experience doesn’t occur through stereotypical means. Throughout the experience, the hair on the back of our necks would stand up when we would see mysterious dark shapes moving within the shadows. Even particular moments of interaction with characters left us on the edge of our seats, enthralled with anticipation and tension because we never knew their true intentions. If anything, it’s a testament to the quality of writing Jon and David bring to The Blue Blade. They are able to create such compelling characters and immersive story driven moments that lure guests into what could be seen as a false sense of security. With the guise that this is an adventurers story, it opens the door for much more subtle forms of horror that we absolutely love.

Outside of the well written story and dialogue, nothing would be accomplished without the help of the talented crew that helps build and manage this monstrous adventure. Production Designer, Kevin William and the team at Delusion took 6 weeks to install sets into a  7,934 sq ft location. Within this time, they were able to completely transform it into multiple locations from different eras. We can say first hand, that the actual layout of the experience is mind boggling. As active participants, it’s extremely difficult to gauge where you are within the confines of this building. This is yet another instance where Delusion completely transports it’s guests into environments without ever once second guessing its authenticity.

With a formidable cast and a strong script, The Blue Blade succeeds in creating an adventurous atmosphere while still maintaining a level of mystery to help facilitate and ACCENTUATE the unnerving moments of the story. This years incarnation of Delusion is a home run on all fronts. If you’ve never done Delusion before, this is the year to try it out! In a city filled with themed entertainment offerings and an amazing nightlife; Delusion is simply the most unique experience you’ll find in Los Angeles. With it’s new location this year, right next to the Fair Do-Do, it’s actually a great spot for a fun date. You can have dinner, drinks and see how your significant other reacts to being under pressure within the confines of a time traveling adventure…you know…the typical first date type things. Make sure to buy your tickets fast because this event does tend to sell out quickly because of it popularity. Don’t hesitate, buy your ticket and play your part in the adventure to find the Blue Blade!

Tune into the Theme Park Duo Podcast for a full Spoiler Free/Spoiler Filled episode  about Delusion: The Blue Blade. We also have a great interview with Creator Jon Braver!

Visit to purchase tickets and find out all the information you need to know about Delusion. 


In a new era of storytelling, DELUSION remains one of the most popular interactive events with an absolute commitment to quality and originality. DELUSION began in 2011 as a passion project for creator Jon Braver and for five seasons has captivated sold out audiences, thrusting them into an otherworldly adventure where they must play their parts in order to move the story forward. Live actors, creature effects, stunts, elaborate set design and an original score weave together a tale unlike any other.
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