A Visit In Pictures: Knott’s Berry Farm’s Calico River Rapids

A Visit In Pictures

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Calico River Rapids

On May 16th, we were invited (along with many other press outlets) to experience Calico River Rapids at Knott’s Berry Farm. Previously, this attraction was known at Big Foot Rapids but got a much deserved re-theme and TLC. Now the attraction truly fits within Ghost Town and creates a much more cohesive experience for guests. We will be talking about the attraction on our upcoming podcast as well as releasing a POV of the attraction itself. Out podcast will include interviews with Ken Parks (VP of Entertainment) and Garner Holt (Owner of Garner Hold Productions) revolving around the creation of the new addition to Calico. But for now, have fun checking out some photos from our adventures!

The entrance to the attraction is much more pronounced and fits well within the theming of the land. It’s quite stunning in person.

The attraction now showcases little vignettes of farm animals and wildlife that you could find back in the day!

All the animatronics built by Garner Holt help take this ride to a new level of immersion. They look beautiful and are a great addition.

In the line, you enter a cabin that is designed to look lived in. There are shelves with food and cans, beds with bear skin blankets on them and supplies scattered throughout. It’s these attention to details that helps set this raft ride from the rest.

The Deputy Mayor of Calico was having a fantastic time watching explorers go down the river!

A fun addition to the whole experience are these TNT plungers that onlooking guests can take control over to wet riders! When you push down, it creates a rather large explosion in the water! Love this interactive addition to the attraction and the best part of all…IT’S FREE!

Potts and Coulter stand in front of their newly founded area and were warmly welcomed into the town of Calico.

Not only is this attraction good during the day, it completely transforms at night! The vignettes are beautifully lit to accentuate the finer details.

Overall, Calico River Rapids is a wonderful addition to the storied history of Calico and Knott’s Berry Farm. More information and videos to come!

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