Sinister Pointe’s Spirit Lounge: A Must for Casual and Avid Horror Fans

Sinister Pointe’s Spirit Lounge

Have you ever walked into a bar and thought to yourself, “this place needs at least 50% more severed heads and evil demons.”? If so, we have just the place for you. The creative minds behind one the Halloween seasons most anticipated Haunted attractions, Sinister Pointe, have recently opened their brand new bar; The Spirit Lounge in Brea, California. By reservation only, guests are invited into a horror lovers paradise. From the decor, to the drinks and even the bathrooms (yes, I said the bathrooms); the Halloween spirit has touched each nook and cranny of this establishment.

Jeff Schiefelbein, Owner and Creator of Sinister Pointe, said this is a major passion project for him and he found himself in the wee hours of the morning meticulously placing decorations around the bar till it was absolutely perfect. Only this type of passion and dedication can produce such a product like Spirit Lounge. You can tell it was created with so much love and care; knowing that thirsty horror fanatics would swarm the place and critique each and every detail in the horror decor. In all honesty, I couldn’t find anything to complain about!

The bar is completely covered in horror movie references. I had a blast roaming the Spirit Lounge, trying to name all the films that were represented with iconic props. From the tiniest details to the much more blatant nods, you and your friends can spend a good chunk of time finding them all. You can even make it a game! Who ever finds the least amount of references in the bar has to buy the next round! Make sure you brush up on your horror movies before going out to this bar!

When it comes to specialty drinks, Spirit Lounge has a few fun ones. At the inside bar, you can order a Holy Water or a Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Each with their own little show moment once ordered. At the outside bar, you can order the Ecto Plasm or the Killer Klowns, once again each of these have a fun little effect once ordered.

Our favorite drink of the night was the Holy Water, which was a simple mixture of Cherry Vodka and Sprite. Topped off with a black upside down cross ice cube. The power of Christ truly compelled us to have a few of these drinks!

Ultimately, if you’re a mega fan of horror or just a casual viewer, Spirit Lounge is the perfect spot to have a good drink and celebrate all things spooky. Remember, you can only obtain access to Spirit Lounge by making a reservation at Unfortunately, it seems as though tickets are completely sold out until September 1st. But according to Sinister Pointe’s FB page, they will release a handful o f tickets for each remaining night of Spirit Lounge! So keep your eyes peeled.


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