Good Grief! Knott’s Peanuts Celebration Review

Knott’s Peanuts Celebration Review

Hey Blockhead, guess what?!? Yep, it’s that time of year again! The Peanuts Celebration at Knott’s Berry Farm is in full swing! We headed over to the Farm bright and early to check out all of the amazing offerings for this year’s celebration!

As soon as you arrive at the gates you know you are in for a treat, a giant banner spans the entire entrance! And it only gets better because once you cross the turnstiles you are greeted by giant yellow ribbons, our favorite comic-strip photo ops, and maybe even Snoopy himself!

But the decorations don’t stop at the entrance; the entire park is decorated for the event! You can find balloons all down the boardwalk, ribbons decorating almost every light post, and a particular favorite of ours… several kite-eating trees!!!! We have to say though; our favorite area is definitely Camp Snoopy! Fun word bubbles decorate the light poles, Red Baron’s plane has landed next to the stream, and there is even a translator stand that makes you sound like a Teacher from the Peanut’s!

One of our first stops of the day was to Pigpen’s Pigpen! We just love seeing the horses and donkey and especially for this event, the piglets!!! And of course you just have to take a photo with pigpen while you are there! Eireann was so excited to meet him; she gave him a high five!

There is so much to do for the Peanuts Celebration it’s almost too much to fit into one day! One thing to put high on the priority list are the shows! The first show we saw was Happiness Is, the daytime show on the Calico Mine Stage. Happiness Is is a fun, musical, extravaganza that will have your kids dancing in the aisles! Side note, the song where Charlie Brown sings about Snoopy filling a beagle sized hole in his heart was genuinely heart warming and even got a small tear to trickle down Gabe’s face! If you have kids, this is the perfect show because (like many Knott’s shows) they actively encourage the kids to dance, play and have fun along side the Peanuts characters. 

Eireann’s favorite show would definitely have to be Space Beagle on the camp snoopy stage! She just loves watching her favorite Peanuts characters sing and dance around!

Be sure to head back over to the Calico Mine stage after nightfall to rock out with The Peanut’s gang and Jelly of The Month Club for Woodstock’s Music Festival! Unfortunately this show was a bit past Eireann’s bed time, but we know from experience that Jelly of The Month Club puts on one great show. Also, this year, Woodstock actually makes an appearance on stage!

One thing that we especially loved this year were the random appearances of the characters around the park! We just happened to catch one of these moments over by the Boardwalk fountain! We saw Lucy, Sally, and Schroder drive up and start a spontaneous dance party! You could see the joy on all the children’s faces as they were suddenly swept up in this fun moment.

Then to top it off, pennies were passed out to all the kids and everyone made a wish in the fountain! It is spontaneous and personal moments like these that sets Knott’s apart from the rest of the pack. Not only is this a meet and greet, but its also a time for kids to spend actual personal time with the Peanuts characters instead of being hurried along because you have a fastpass at 1pm. 

New this year, you can find Spike at the Calico Square (where you can find plenty of fun interactive games for kids) for the first time ever! We nearly squealed when seeing him…then screamed again at the humongous line. Tip, if you want to meet Spike with minimal waiting. Ask a Knott’s employee when his times are and head over just a tad early.

Needless to say, with another event comes another long list of food items you MUST TRY when visiting the park. We almost want a tasting card (like boysenberry festival) where we can try multiple items offered at this years event. There are so many, it’s almost impossible to try them all.

We had the lucky opportunity to try some of the delectable desserts that are being offered at the park. One of our favorites has to be the Peanut Butter shake along with the Nutella Macaroons.

Of course, the marketing department has a slew of wonderful merchandise you can purchase while at the park this year. Hands down, our favorite item you can purchase was the Snoopy hat with the dangling paws. Not only is it simply cute, but when you squeeze the paws, his years move up and down!


Knott’s Peanut Celebration feels right at home at Knott’s Berry Farm. Walking in and seeing all the kite eating trees, hearing the music and meeting all the fantastic characters takes us right back to our childhood and we love every second of it. Our course, like all events, there is room to improve. We would love to see a show inside the Charles M. Shultz Theater during Peanuts Celebration!

On some of those hot weekends, it would allow guests to have a moment in a air conditioned room and watch some good old fashioned Peanuts show. Even if they played the shorts on loop! Either way, it would be nice to have that in addition to the rest of the offerings. That being said, there isn’t much room to complain because there truly is so much to do at the event it can make someones head spin. Knott’s Peanuts Celebration is good old fashioned wholesome family fun. If you’re any type of fan of The Peanuts, this is an event you CANNOT MISS!

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