New Addition to the Theme Park Duo Team: Mr. Jeremiah Heckles!

Jeremiah Heckles joins the Theme Park Duo Blogging Team!

Last time we found ourselves at Knott’s Berry Farm, we snagged a ride on the Calico Mine Ride. This classic mine train adventure has always excited us, even as kids. So it’s no surprise that we find ourselves adventuring to the Glory Hole anytime we find ourselves at Knott’s! Except, this time was very different than most. We actually met a real miner who was mining inside the Calico Gold Mines! His name was Jeremiah Heckles and we were shocked to learn that he made his living in the Glory Hole. But he let us know that we wanted so much more than to just fill his pockets with gold, but to go out into the world and enjoy the themed entertainment landscape. Which as we all know, is plentiful! So, we told him he could document his travels to these different locations on this blog! Here is a statement from him below!

“Hawdy folks. Ma name’s Jeremiah Heckles, but fer the life of me, everybody calls me Mr. Heckles, all proper like. Can’t never seem ta shake it. I ain’t been a Miner ma whole life, but when I went down inta them there Calico Gold Mines, I found that there Glory Hole ta be just the right sized hole ta fill ma heart… and pockets. Now, it’s been years since I been down inta them mines with Ole Betsy, my lovely
donkey. Since findin’ a small fortune, I went and took a journey all the way across this be-yoo-ti-ful US of A ta go ta the land of the gold… diggers! Yessir, the Sunshine state, the land of the Mouse and the Globe and such. And then, cause that jus ain’t enough travelin’ fer poor Ole Betsy, I went and travelled ta the Far East ta see if China had any other adventurin’ fer maself and Ole Betsy, while she still has a bit adventurin’ left in her. These here folks, the Theme Park Duo, asked me ta share some nuggets of park wisdom with them folks that listen ta this here podcast and pay attention ta there there website they host. They been sayin’s ya’ll’re a great bunch of folks and would like ta hear all about ma ramblin’s in the parks. So I’ma try and do ma best and let ya in on some of ma adventurin’ here in China, in Florida, or in any other place I feel like visitin’. Hope ya enjoy!”


So, if you want to hear a Miners’ take on the themed entertainment world, make sure to stay tuned to Theme Park Duo for more fun updates from Mr. Heckles!

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