To be very frank, this article will not be politically driven, will no take any particular stance and will not have some type of ulterior motive at the end. This is meant to be informational and entertaining. Personally for us, we can get enough serious doom and gloom from the regular news and we here at Theme Park Duo want to bring a bit of light into everyones worlds. Especially given the fact that some of our favorite places are closed at the moment and we want to get a small taste of them for the time being. 


The Theme Park Duo

Relatively speaking, it’s rather easy to hop in your car and drive down to Knott’s Berry Farm. But with the current state of our communities and the safety of everyone being the primary focus; doing such an easy task becomes a bit more difficult. Obviously with the state of the world currently, nothing is easy! But when we heard Knott’s Berry Farm re-opened their Chicken-To-Go and Berry Market with new social distancing provisions in place, we jumped at the chance to order some chicken!

When we got off the freeway at Beach Blvd (don’t get off at Knott Ave), seeing Knott’s in the distance was such a sight for sore eyes. It was a rather emotional moment visiting one of our favorite places since all this nonsense started. We don’t truly appreciate the things we have till they are taken away. The main street that runs through Knott’s that you would typically take was closed and you must drive down to Crescent and hang a right and pull into the parking lot in order to enter the premises. Once there, we were greeted by two Knott’s employees that told us where to go and what we needed to do. If we wanted to go to the Berry Market, we could park and go into the store. If we wanted to pick up our Pre-Ordered Chicken, we would drive around Ghostrider and go to “Curbside Pickup” which is on the backside of Peanut’s Headquarters.

We arrived a bit ahead of our time slot, so we parked and went into the Berry Market. This is when the emotions hit hard! There was no happy families, no roar of Ghostrider, no laughing and nothing that we would associate with Knott’s. It was the place we know and love, just so different. We were greeted by something rather iconic to Knott’s (in our opinion) and that was the roaming roosters and chickens. One was sat in the median of the parking spots, finding a resting spot in the shade. After our kind greeting, we headed over to the store.

When you arrive, you’ll see signage on the doors that explain the rules and signs on the floor that show you how far to stand away from people.

Lucky for us, there were about….ZERO PEOPLE WAITING! So we just waltzed right into the store with our masks.

We grabbed our baskets and did some shopping. We snagged all of the essential Knott’s Boysenberry items that we were craving! They even had some new items on sale such as the Boysenberry Hot Sauce and the Coffee Boysenberry BBQ Sauce. It was honestly really difficult not to purchase everything in sight, given the fact that we didn’t get Boysenberry Festival this year. But we tried to remind ourselves that things will go back to normal, so only grab the essentials. $100 later, we were done! It adds up quickly, but we also bought some extra stuff to give away on twitter as well.

The staff inside the store was extremely helpful and kept safe distances between themselves and the guests roaming the store. They even placed all bags on the guests side of the register so we could bag our items without the need for employees to touch them. We thought this was a nice touch…literally and figuratively.

After we finished, we went back to the car and went over to the Curbside Pickup where the hand off was simply flawless. To be completely honest, it’s a very easy system. But we are curious to see how it goes when it’s really really busy. Only time will tell. We were directed where to drive and when we arrived in the correct spot, the Knott’s employee on hand scanned our QR codes and placed the chicken in our car. Easy as that! We tried a piece of the chicken in the car before we drove off for LA (because who wouldn’t) and it was just as juicy, hot and crispy as we remembered.

In these uncertain times, it’s hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel that can keep us going. For some it’s visiting the market every week to stock up on groceries and for others it’s going on walks around the block. For us, it’s always been theme park driven. It’s no surprise to anyone that theme parks and themed entertainment events have always been special to us. We’ve had so many memories  attached to these type of experiences. Saying that this small trip to Knott’s to grab some silly fried chicken has brought a smile to our face and some rays of hope to our day is an understatement. Although it’s a bit sad we can’t go visit our friend Sad Eye Joe in his small jail, hop aboard the Calico Mine Ride or get held up by some robbers on the train; this is the perfect thing we needed to keep up happy till those things come back.

Thank you to all the incredible Knott’s employee’s burning to a crisp in the hot California sun to direct people. It’s hard to keep a smiling face and these people did it perfectly. Now I know someone is asking “how do you know they were smiling? They were wearing masks!” Trust me, you can tell in their eyes and in their demeanor. And each and every person working seemed just as happy to be there as I was, and that makes all the difference in the world.

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