Cruisin’ the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain Review

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to check out Six Flags Magic Mountain’s latest drive through event, Cruisin’ the Park Car Show! Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does SFMM have to do with cars? Well, in 2019 SFMM teamed up with West Coast Customs to build West Coast Racers! A launching racing coaster that puts you in the drivers seat. With such great response to the attraction and team up, it’s no wonder they did it again. Although we do understand the confusion. 

For $80, you and your family can cruise the park from the safety from your own car and see some incredible and awesome rides. This ranges from Low Riders to tricked out Teslas. $80 does give people some sticker shock, but we’ll break all that down later. You can also purchase event specific merchandise and snacks for your ride through the park. All of this is purchased at the time you buy your ticket online. 

As with the previous Holiday Drive Through event, you enter the park from the employee entrance. As you enter the park, you’re greeted with a big sign that says Crusin’ the Park! Music plays everywhere and cars displayed as far as the eye can see. In true SFMM fashion, they have some costumed characters in some of the areas waving at guests as they drive by. Each section of the park has their own special dedicated theme for their cars as well. 

I attended the event with my Father, because all this car stuff would have gone over Nikki’s head. It was really fun to see my Dad dork out about all the different cars and even remembers building model toys of the same cars. Even I was impressed with how extravagant some of these cars were, how far the owners have taken them and the incredible attention to detail. 

Now our conversation has brought us to the point where we discuss the price. To our knowledge, SFMM didn’t set the price, West Coast Customs did. SFMM is getting the brunt of these comments in line regarding the price of the event. $80 for a single car is a good chunk of cash. Even if that could potentially include 4+ people, the general public is bound to compare it to other events in the SOCAL area. For $45 (more or less) you get access to Knott’s Berry Farm and have 5 Tastings for their tasting events. For $75, you can get access to DCA with free parking, unlimited downloads of photos and a $25 gift card to spend on food. So many people will say that $80 is far too high for a car show. But it’s a bit unfair to compare all events equally when they simply aren’t the same. It’s comparing apples to oranges and then getting mad when you aren’t given a pineapple. If you have 4+ people in a car, that lowers the price per person to $20. And if you have more, then it’s even less. It’s just an unfortunate circumstance that couples have to pay a bit more per person than a whole family. While I agree that the $80 sticker price is rather high for a car show, I do think there is value in the experience.

Overall, I enjoyed the Cruisin’ the Park car show at SFMM. I got to spend some much needed Father Son time drooling over some cool cars. Although I understand why SFMM teamed up with WCC again, I wonder how much of their audience actually crosses over. The roller coaster/ theme park crowd isn’t often the same as the car show crowd. But, a positive from that would be getting a different audience in the park that will potentially come back when the park reopens after seeing the impressive coaster lineup. 


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