Drunken Devil, the Los Angeles-based production company best known for its horror-themed immersive soirées and dinner parties, is pivoting away from live entertainment to present a new production: The Cosmic Game, an interactive audio drama. The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the project and is looking to fans near and far for help! 

Rooted in horror, steeped in fantasy, and marked with sharp humor and over-the-top fun, The Cosmic Game is an exciting and audacious twist on the creation story. After a vicious falling out, God and the Drunken Devil challenge each other to a game of wit and influence, with humankind’s fate hanging in the balance.

You’ve seen the Devil at our events–now you’ll learn his origin story and discover what made him the Drunken Devil” says creator Matt Dorado. Season One (of an anticipated four-season series) will whisk audiences on a wild ride through time, from the Garden of Eden to New Orleans’ Storyville circa 1917. They will be introduced to a host of colorful characters, and plunged into an otherworldly conflict as they experience bloody battles, dark magic, and violent cults. Many of the characters from past events–including the infamous Bloody Gras and Bacchanalia–will appear in primary roles throughout the season. 

We’re using this opportunity to expand the world that we’ve created in the live events, with an intention of making it accessible to audiences around the globe,” says Dorado, who is co-creating the podcast with his best friend and collaborator of 10 years (and the original Drunken Devil performer), Mak Manson. 

As creators, we are inspired by the intricacies of pop culture universes, where stories are interconnected and characters collide throughout time and space,” says Manson.“The Cosmic Game is designed to introduce audiences to the wild and wicked world of the Drunken Devil, and it’s only the beginning.” 

Even pre-pandemic, audio dramas have been spiking in popularity, but The Cosmic Game is designed to be much more than a podcast. In true Drunken Devil fashion, every episode will feature a cocktail pairing, with recipes created by Nathan Hazard, acclaimed bartender and creator of Coconut Club LA. Each cocktail will be thematic and complex in style, but simple enough to be made at home. There will also be interactive storytelling elements that audiences can opt into, creating a transmedia storytelling experience that expands the universe in real time.  

The Kickstarter will feature a handful of rewards, including limited edition pins, prints, and a recipe book with each episode’s cocktail, featuring fantastical drink portraiture by acclaimed photographer Noah Fecks. “Each of our rewards features some sort of hint or reference to Drunken Devil lore that will manifest in this first season,” says Dorado. “We’re especially excited for the accompanying cocktail book, which will have decadent photography as well as hidden clues to help drive the narrative.” 

After all, the Devil’s in the details.” 

The Cosmic Game will launch on Kickstarter on Thursday, April 8th, 2021, and those interested in the project are encouraged to sign up for updates via the Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page. In addition, fans can sign up directly on the Drunken Devil website, at www.thedrunkendevil.com/kickstarter to be kept in the loop via mailing list.

About Drunken Devil

Drunken Devil is a Los Angeles-based entertainment brand, created by Matt Dorado. Originally focused on immersive dining and nightlife, the company pivoted during the pandemic to a content studio with an emphasis on multi-platform storytelling. For more information on Drunken Devil, visit www.thedrunkendevil.com, or visit these social profiles: 

Instagram: @drunkendevil 

Facebook: /thedrunkendevil 

Twitter: @drunkendevil_ 

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