Imagine, if you will, all of the reasons you love going to the theater; the in-depth storytelling, the grandeur of the sets and the performances, the feelings of being transported to another place and time… Now imagine all of the reasons why you love going to haunted attractions; the tangible ‘in your face’ realness of everything, the excitement and tension of getting scared, the fun of having an adventurous night out with your friends…now combine the two. THAT (and so much more) is what you are getting when you choose to spend a night at Delusion.

Delusion was established in 2011 with their very first and self titled show. Centered around the idea of an “interactive play” where guest would no longer play a passive role in the story telling experience. Each guest would “play their part” in fantastical and otherworldly tales. Jon Braver, the Creator, Writer, and Director of Delusion; reinvents the experience year after year with compelling stories and commanding locations. 

Delusion is a one of a kind experience that we here at Theme Park Duo implore you to add to your list of things to do this spooky season. And we are here to tell you all the reasons why it’s a can’t-miss attraction.


Since 2011, each year of Delusion brings a whole new story and a slew of new characters. From playing the hated colleagues of Dr. Frederick Lowell in 2011, to playing initiates of the “Safeguard Society” to retrieve the artifact known as The Blue Blade from Professor Evelyn Lowell; each year brings new and exciting opportunities for guests to delve into a compelling story. The stories of Delusion are eclectic and ride the line of horror, drama, adventure, and the supernatural. Each giving distinctive roles to guests so that they can unravel the mysteries of each story. 

Personally, I find the way Jon writes these stories to be extremely compelling. Not only are the major components of the story captivating, but the characters guests play are involved in a way that allows for the story to be easily understood but without giving away the mysteries that inevitably await. 

This year, Delusion is unveiling their brand new show “Reapers Remorse”. Delving back to their horror roots, guests will hear about the haunting and epic story of Ester Phillips. 

There are some dead that won’t let go. Clutching to this world by whatever threads they can find. Pretty red shoes. A shotgun. A loved one left behind. And although these strands of life can be as innocent as a child’s toy… everything has its price. A price only Esther Phillips can afford. She lives alone. A solemn collector surrounded by artifacts that not only tell tales, but carry the very souls they’re tied to. An ethereal prison of those unwilling to let go. Esther’s latest acquisition may be her greatest yet… if she would only go near. Fear, anger and regret bleed from it. Things decay, but memories can linger. A rare invitation has been extended to you, fellow lovers of the occult. An exclusive evening to play your part in the haunting and epic story of Esther Phillips.  There are some dead that won’t let go, and there are others that must make them.

Knowing this new adventure is going to be scary once again, has our blood pumping and we are ready to experience the story first hand. 

A big part of storytelling, isn’t just about dialogue and actors. Another crucial component to why Delusion is able to create such compelling stories is because of their…LOCATIONS!


Locations in stories tend to be characters themselves. If you look to some of our favorite films, locations are almost as important as the characters that inhabit them. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining arguably wouldn’t be as good without The Overlook Hotel. With its commanding exterior and larger overwhelming rooms, it gave The Shining a very specific tone which is synonymous with the film. 

With each year of Delusion, brings a whole new location for Jon Braver to create his masterpiece around. We recently spoke to Jon on our Theme Park Duo Podcast, and he said that finding a new location each year is daunting. But from a patrons perspective, it really enhances the experience. Whether it’s a large mansion in Los Angeles or a theater where you can gather around a fire to discuss your adventures; the locations Delusions choose adds to the entire experience. 

This year, Delusion calls the Phillips Mansion in Pomona, California home. The Phillips Mansion is a Second Empire style historic house in Pomona, Los Angeles County, California. It was built in 1875 by Louis Phillips, who by the 1890s had become the wealthiest man in Los Angeles County. Situated along the Butterfield Stage route, the Phillips Mansion became a center of community activity in the Pomona and Spadra area. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, making it among the first 25 sites in Los Angeles County to be so designated (there are now more than 450).


We cannot think of another event that combines all the best elements of theater and immersive haunts into one. YOU become part of the story more so than any other immersive event we have experienced. You are given a role to play and, believe us, the stakes feel real. Whether it is being the half-human children of a vampire queen or the rabid fans Elena Fitzgerald, Delusion does a stellar job of guiding you through the story while at the same time giving you a feeling of ownership over it.

If you’re anything like Nikki (The other half of the Duo), then you may not be a fan of doing interactive events. The idea of being forced to interact with strangers, let alone characters in a story makes your stomach churn. But, rest assured that the actors within these stories do a fantastic job at gauging peoples levels of comfort within the experience. Also, going in groups helps tremendously when you may not want to be the one chose to go alone down a dark hallway or be left behind to turn a cranks to light up pitch black underground tunnels. If anything, Delusion traverses through its stories in a way that allows people to sit back and enjoy watching the story unfold or be the one in front of the pack interacting and “playing your part” around each and every corner. 

The fun thing about being so incredibly immersed in each story is letting your guard down. Allowing yourself to feel like a kid again. Using your imagination to create characters and stories for you and your friends while you played outside as kids. Delusion puts you right back into that role and we love every second of it. Where else can you be a participant in an adventure through multiple eras or lovers of the occult. 


Next, the scares! If you are reading this, you have probably been through a haunted house or two. I think we can all agree that over time the scares become a bit… predictable. Not only that, but we tend to traverse these haunted house experience with our guards up 100% of the time. But this event promises scares that you will never see coming. This is thanks to the very nature of the event itself. There are no traditional maze walls and directional cues telling you where to go, the event gets you so involved in the story and the tasks that you will inevitably drop your guard, leaving yourself open to whoever (or whatever) may be lurking in the shadows…THESE ARE THE BEST KIND OF SCARES!

It’s not cheap jump scares, it’s scares that are masterfully built through story beats. And because of that, it makes it all the more satisfying when you do get scared during the experience. 


And finally, this year more so than ever before, Delusion has truly become a full-night out event! You have the delightful opportunity to indulge in an open world component to your theater experience. Before and after your allotted theater time, you will have the opportunity to explore the grounds or grab a drink. All the while exploring narrative threads that will give you even more of an insight into the story being told. We are especially excited for this addition to the event this year! How cool is it that you could potentially see or hear something while wandering the grounds that may be referenced (or prove useful) during your theater experience! All of that and we haven’t even mentioned the VIP experience that get you access to a private bar and even more artifacts and rooms that tie in to this incredibly detailed story line for this year’s event!

I think it’s pretty fair to say that we are big fans of Delusion. Like we’ve listed above, it’s truly unlike anything we’ve personally experienced at any event. Don’t get us wrong, nothing will replace the tried and true experience of walking through a haunted house at Knott’s Scary Farm or Halloween Horror Nights. We love getting to walk through a haunted house knowing they’re monsters awaiting us around each and every corner. But with Delusion, you don’t know what’s coming next. You don’t know if the person that’s been guiding you will turn on you, or if your hiding spot will help you “survive”. That’s the most exciting part of these experiences, the unknown. And if you love it as much as we do, then you cannot miss out on Delusion in 2021.

Check out the trailer for this years story, Reaper’s Remorse!

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