This past weekend, Knott’s Berry Farm quietly opened this years Into The Fog Art Show inside Cordy’s Corner. Of course, rabid fans of Knott’s Berry Farm/Scary Farm came out to be some of the first to have the opportunity to purchase one of a kind art and prints from artists around the country. They also had the opportunity to check out the 2021 line of Scary Farm merchandise before the event officially kicks off on September 16th of this year.

The first thing I thought when seeing the art was this was the best collection of pieces for any of the Knott’s Berry Farm art shows. The amount of pieces is crazy and the level of artistry is incredible. From reproductions, lenticular, and hand drawn pieces; there is so much to choose from.

Some of my favorite pieces were from Jeff Delgado, who has such a distinct style that I love. We’ve purchased many prints of his in the past. We also loved Sam Carter’s contribution as well because it really captures the essence of the season at The Farm. In fact, the day we visited Sam’s original piece sold! But have no fear, there are prints from almost every piece at the show. A much more affordable way of taking something home that unique and different.

Outside of the art, Knott’s has plenty of Scary Farm 2021 merch to go around and it’ll make your head spin. From the traditional “maze lineup” t-shirts to the new Knott’s Scary Farm thermos with stickers. Some of the items that really stuck out to me were the new Gore-ing 20’s scarezone tumblers, steins, and beer glasses. The logo is in gold and just looks extremely classy. Something not really associated with a haunt event, but nonetheless a wonderful addition.

In recent year, Knott’s has been following the trend in creating “spirit jerseys” for their different seasonal celebrations. This year marks the first time they’ve had anything for Scary Farm, although I feel like the design evokes Spooky Farm more than Scary Farm. I would have loved to see more “scary” font used for the back.

It’s really cool to see the options grow and grow each year of Scary Farm, but my wallet is definitely shaking in fear. But if you do find yourself worrying about buying too much or spending too much, there is a massive rack of merchandise for 50% off!

Overall, the merch this year is just stellar. I love all the designs and the usage of characters across the board. There really seems to be something for everyone for this years event.


We are inching closer and closer to September 16th and it can’t get here soon enough. With the 100th Anniversary Celebration winding down, I don’t think you’ll be seeing any major Scary Farm decorations go up until that is over. Right now, the only big signs of the events are construction and a few outlier decorations throughout the park. Let’s start at the mazes!

First up is Mesmer: Sideshow of the Mind which is located behind Xcelerator! To see any construction for this, you’ll either have to take the train or the observation tower. Almost none of it is visible from Boardwalk.

It looks like the entire front of this maze is almost completely ready to go for opening night. Maybe just a few touches here and there and it’s ready to go. It looks phenomenal and really evokes a much darker tone than any other “circus” style maze we’ve seen in the past. I’m really looking forward to this one!

Next up we have Origins: The Curse of Calico in Ghost Town. Back in 2019, this maze made a splash with fans because of its story and how it ties back into the event as a whole. But besides that, it was just a very well crafted experience from top to bottom.

There really isn’t a ton to see for this maze because most of it is indoors. But we can see the backend of the maze taking from as it rises above The Wilderness Dance Hall. You can also see that the entrance to the maze is being set up for the live character welcoming guests into the experience. Also, not sure if this is for normal night listing. But lighting fixtures can be seen above the adjacent building.

Across from here, you can find some small clues to Scary Farm in Boothill Cemetery. Who knew some small wooden boxes could make me so happy!? Fog boxes have shown up around the perimeter of Boothill, as well as a big speaker behind the new headstone. At the time, the speaker was being used to play atmosphere music for the park. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Scary Farm has another projection “show” on the side of the building like it did in 2019.

Similar, Dark Ride is also all indoors so you really don’t get a sense of how far along they are in construction. But, the Dark Ride “Castle of Chaos” sign has been placed atop the building.

Next up is Pumpkin Eater in Camp Snoopy! You can get a few glimpses of this maze from Camp Snoopy because of how it’s positioned. A lot of it is just black walls from the backside of the maze, but you can see just the tops of some of the higher structures from the maze.

But, with this maze location (like many in the past) they block of a section outside the park to use for it’s entrance. So if you go to the wooden gates to the left of the main entrance while inside the park. You can get a good look at the entrance facade to the maze.

Right next door to this maze is the Camp Snoopy Theater where Wicked Drums will call home of the entire run of Scary Farm. Since there are no more shows lined up for the rest of the season, you can see the stage being set for the Scary Farm show.

Next up we have The Depths and Paranormal Inc. These two mazes you can catch a glimpse of from outside the park as you pass under Ghostrider.

There doesn’t seem to be any major changes to anything here. Maybe the addition of the speaker? Other than that, I think most of this area is ready to go! You can also see that Forsaken Lake’s buildings are being stored here until the event begins. This view of backstage is my year round taste of Scary Farm. It’s always fun to see the facades sitting and waiting for more guests to venture into their mysterious houses of horrors.

The only place at Knott’s that was ready for Scary Farm completely was Ghost Town Grill! Could you have guessed that? Because I couldn’t! We were told by some friends to take a peek inside and we were so glad we did!

There you have it for a park update at Knott’s Berry Farm! We cannot wait for Scary Farm to begin this season! All these little glimpses of our favorite season get us so excited and really make the wait bearable.

Make sure to head on over to for more information regarding Scary Farm 2021 including tickets!

What are you most excited for this season at Knott’s Scary Farm?

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