Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest 2021 Review: First Time Visitors

Six Flags Magic Mountain has been hosting Fright Fest for many years, but we have yet to visit. We were invited by Theme Park Duo to attend Media Night and we jumped at the chance. Time for a trek to Valencia to experience Fright Fest for ourselves. Come along and experience our adventure!

Upon our arrival we saw lots people and a very full parking lot and that seemed a bit odd since the event was to start shortly. Well, what we discovered is at Fright Fest, the park stays open to everyone, which explained all the cars and amount of people. A very different concept compared to other amusement parks hosting a scary event. How do Six Flags distinguish the Fright Fest and regular Six Flags guests you may be asking? It is a little pass called a Fright Pass, which allows only those wrist-banded guests to enter the mazes. But of course on a limited availability there is also an Express Fright Pass, which is an unlimited express access to all of the mazes, which we were lucky to have. But, if you don’t have a maze pass, you can still roam the the park and it’s many scare zones. After getting our wrist bands and filling our bellies with frightfully yummy food, we were all set to conquer Fright Fest.

Six Flags Magic Mountain covers a huge area of land and the mazes, scare zones and entertainment take you all over the Park. We were sure to get in lots of steps during the event. Since we had not visited the Park in over 20 years, we grabbed a map. Unfortunately, since this was our first time to the park in some time; we easily got lost trying to traverse the park. But off into the fog we went!

To start the night off, we headed towards the front of the park to experience Unleashed in its new location for 2021. Unleashed is the literal unleashing of all of the monsters to commence the opening of Fright Fest. The showcasing of the monsters and having them parade past all of the excited guests, truly got the scary started! This whole opening moment gets the crowd so pumped and we are told that it’s a fan favorite. We can clearly see why! And just like that, the monsters and guests were unleashed into the park for a night of screams!

We followed our ears over to City Under Seige, which we were told was a fan favorite. And boy was it! It was wall to wall guests who were so excited to see their favorite creepy clowns. Watching the clowns sneak up on a group of guests and seeing them scatter like bugs was hysterical! The shrieks and screams at all decibels echoed within this scare zone. Even when the guests ran for their lives out of fright, we noticed lots came back for more. This is because the zone is equal parts scary and funny all at the same time. The clowns do a wonderful job at walking that line that can sometimes get blurred. But we had a blast just watching them do their thing! Oh, and did I mention there is a slider show here at Midnight? We will be back to check out Sliders of the Night… can’t wait!

Time to march up the hill to experience Sewer of Souls, Exile Hill and Willbourghys Resurrected, presented by Ghostober! Do we get paid every time we say that? Let me share… when I say hill… I really mean HILL! What a climb, but the encounters we had way up there at the top were worth it.

Sewer of Souls was just that, a life sized sewer! The first thing you almost stepped in was a huge pile of S@#T and we knew there was trouble ahead. Let’s just say the denizens of the sewer were looking for their next snack. We were lucky to escape the ooze and creatures living in this filth. We were told that in prior years, they’d hand out 3D glasses for this attraction. Although it was super fun without them, they might add a little extra if we did have them on. Probably would make us more susceptible to the scares.

At the base of the Sky Tower, stood Willoughby’s Resurrected. This was a stand out maze where spooky spirits, haunted artifacts and the supernatural came to life. Spooks hid in the many dark corners as well as out in the open all the while making the guests scream. Sometimes we found ourselves coming face to face with monsters after having thought we were alone! From bedrooms to bathrooms, long hallways to candle lit rooms and even a visit to the outdoors, the Willoughby’s Resurrected maze has many unique spaces. The costumes and makeup were really well done. We really enjoyed this maze and all it had to offer. The line for this maze was pretty long which told us the guests enjoyed this maze as well. Be sure to make time for this maze because you will not be disappointed.

In between the Sewer of Souls and the Willoughby’s, lay Exile Hill where the dead have risen and are looking for new souls. This hill was very dark so you never knew where the dead were hiding and just waiting. A fan favorite, Innocence Willoughby, crept throughout the hill and searched the queue for a new soul to bring to her house. Innocence is probably one of the most talented scare actors in SoCal. We watched her slowly approach guests with her unwavering ghostly stare. It’s incredible how she stayed in character, but we were equally impressed because it’s such a different type of scare…slow and steady. We were watching from afar and the hair stood up on the backs of our necks! Outside of Innocence, you’ll find sliders galore on Exile Hill!

Close to West Coast Racers, SFMM newest coaster in The Underground, we found a new scare zone, The Dead Zone. A group of cyber punk zombies roamed throughout looking for fresh flesh to feed on. Large photo op scenes were sprinkled within this area. There was a stage where if you were lucky, a zombie would stay on it and not try to eat your brains. Loud thumping music and lots of fog was used to distract and hide the zombies. This was a visual feast and probably the most “instagram-able” area of the park…as the kids would say. We liked how different this zone was compared to the rest, in terms of it’s tone and execution. Make sure to spend some time here to take some cool photos!

After the clock struck 7:30pm, we headed off to check out Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. A deadly poison has been released and the city of Ash Valley has been compromised. A team of police encouraged us to move quickly, but they didn’t keep us from heading through the police station where chaos was hiding. Fire and rubble was everywhere and the people of Ash Valley did not look good. From behind the outhouse jumped a creep that scared the S@#T out of the family behind us. I over heard the mom say “I think I peed a little”. Now that’s a good scare! We scurried past the crashed airplane and through the twisty escape to still be greeted by those last infected city folks who wanted us to stay. Sorry folks… not tonight. The sheer scope of this maze was something we’ve never seen before and it was very impressive. The only thing we’d change about the experience is the army characters. I think we’d rather see them be “dead” or “infected” versions of themselves instead of them yelling at us to “hurry” through the experience.

We had not planned on riding any rides during our visit, however since I am a HUGE DC Comics fan, I was excited to ride Justice League Battle for Metropolis. Well my bubble was burst when I discovered it was closed! But I did get to take a picture on the steps of the Hall of Justice. Maybe next time… off to find more scary stuff.

Our feet took us back towards the front of the park. During our journey we passed by the Golden Bear Plaza which will be the home of the Grave Games. Guests will witness dangerous acts with fire juggling and cross bows. We were bummed to miss it, but it starts on September 24th. Within the Full Throttle Plaza, a concert like stage hosted Voodoo Nights and a band was cranking out booming music. The guests were dancing and singing along and having a scary good time.

Terror Rising- Dark Developments, another new scare zone, rose from the depths of hell. The monster quantity was a little light, but the ones who were there preying on the innocent visitors were making them squeal. The lighting in this new scare zone was absolutely gorgeous! The blood red hue created a much needed sense of foreboding while also creating ghoulishly beautiful moments with monsters in the fog. We loved this new scare zone and would love to see it expanded more with more props and more scare actors next year!

Snack time! But the line for the funnel cake was so long it probably would have taken the rest of the evening to get our eats, so candy bars it was and back to searching out more scary! And this was a true adventure to find our next stops. We had a awesome employee give us a personal escort back to our last mazes of the night… Vault 666, Red’s Revenge and Condemned. Never be afraid to ask for directions.

Red’s Revenge is a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. This maze had an extremely short line, but it had the least amount of creeps within. We did however enjoy the spider web lair and the spider that was trying to get out. So much could have been going on here, but maybe the Big Bad Wolf ate everyone? Visually the maze is stunning, just missing the scare factor with little to no monsters. On to the next maze…

Condemned- Forever Damned, this dilapidated home once was home to normal people, but that must have been a long time ago. This maze was dark…and I mean really dark! Sometimes it was hard to see where we were going. Maybe next year or even this year, some nice thematic lighting could be added to help traverse the passage ways, but also add to the tone of the entire maze.

Our last maze of the night we were told is a sequel, but it’s all new to us, so off to Vault 666 Unlocked. A collection of demonic relics and artifacts filled this maze. We walked through a mausoleum, which reminded me of a scene in Phantasm and hands stretched to grab their next victim. Dolls and demons are creepy, but when they are life sized it is even creepier! We avoided electrocution, demonic possession and toxic terror. Just in time to head over to watch the slider show.

Back to City Under Siege to experience the Sliders of the Night show at midnight. Sometimes this show will have different start times, so make sure to ask a SFMM attendant for information as to not miss the show. The anxious crowd lined these streets of mayhem to have a clear view of what we all were about to experience. Lasers, fog and thumping music let us know the show was about to start. Craft-fully coordinated jumps, stunts and slides were performed by a gaggle of creepy clowns and other sliders from around the park. These sliders really sparked up the night with their coordination and smooth sliding techniques and made the crowd want more. All things must come to an end and this is also true for this show. Even if you have Coulrophobia… do not miss this slider show! It was truly one of the most impressive slider shows we’ve seen at any park. If we could come to Fright Fest every night, we’d see this with every visit…that’s how damn good it was!

As we prepared to depart for the evening we discovered our last scare zone, Demons Door. This area is taken over by all sorts of evil spirits. However, at the end of the night all of the creeps are assembled in the front of the park, which is called the Final Fright. A famous witch, Lorraine-Lurane, tried to get Brett to trade me for a chunky pumpkin spice latte. She told us it was chunky because you take the milk out and let it sit on the counter for days so it curdles and makes the perfect witches treat. Brett decided not to make the trade and got escape. It was then we realized we totally missed Nightmares, Witches Lair and TERROR-tory Twisted! Being new comers to the event, we got lost in all the frightful fun. But we’ve been told they are amazing scare zones to encounter. I guess that just means we’ll have to return to see what we missed.


We had a blast during our 1st visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest. There is such an array of wildly talented monsters at this event. Not only that, but it’s distinctly different than any other haunt in SoCal. It has it’s own style and tone that make it distinctly Fright Fest. Something else that really stood out to us was the prosthetic and make-up throughout the event. It was some of the best we’ve seen and really enhanced the experience for us.

The only major critique we have for our experience was the crowds. After having attened other haunts in SoCal, we thought we’d be ready for some crowds. But these were the heaviest we’ve experience.

Because Fright Fest isn’t a separately ticketed event, crowds from the day time mix with the night time and create a very crowded event. Not only that, but it also creates environments where you’ll find really young children in scare zones that they probably shouldn’t be in otherwise. That being said, Fright Fest honestly deserves to be a separately ticketed event. That would help solve a good amount of these issues. And even potentially returning to the reservation system they had previously.

Even with those issues, the fun and frights of SFMM shines through. The talented cast of monsters were still able to scare guests, even in the the densest crowd. We cannot wait to come back to SFMM for Fright Fest. We feel like we need more time in the scare zones to really see these masters at work!

Fright Fest runs on select days from September 11th thru October 31st, 2021. Remember you can experience the thrills during the day and chills at night and the best prices are online before to you get to the park.


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