Six Flags Magic Mountain Brings The Thrills and Fun For This Holiday Season

What do you think of when you hear the words twinkling lights, holiday characters, roasting marshmallows? If you answered Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park, YOU ARE CORRECT! And if you didn’t, that’s okay too; the thrill capital of the world might not be the first place you think of when you want to have some holiday fun, but it should be! SFMM (Six Flags Magic Mountain) seriously transforms into a winter wonderland during this time of year and it is definitely worth checking out!

This year we headed over to SFMM for some holiday magic and even brought our little kiddo along for the first time ever!

The place where SFMM really nails it with the holiday spirit is with their lights! Several areas of the park are truly transformed into magical holiday lands that will put a grin on even the grinchiest of faces! As soon as you enter the park you are in Holiday Square and are surrounded by multicolored trees and giant presents! If you are lucky, you may even see some larger-than-life toy soldiers or catch some snow!

Next we went left up the hill towards Viper where you will enter Polar Point. This area of the park is an icy wonderland of animal sculptures and snowflakes. Our daughter had so much fun yelling out the names of all the different animals she saw!

As you continue up the hill you reach one of our absolute favorite areas, Peppermint Path! If you ever wondered what the world would look like with candy cane trees, look no further! Red and white lights are EVERYWHERE! You might even catch a glimpse of a peppermint princess.

Making our way down the other side of the hill towards West Coast Racers, we entered the newest (and possibly our new favorite) holiday area of the park…Holly Rock!! This area was a 50’s rockabilly-inspired holiday extravaganza!

The music and decorations were outrageously fun, the Six Flags Bus was out on display, and we absolutely loved the walk around characters!!!! There were jugglers and stilt walking elves and so much more! Honestly, we wouldn’t be mad if that area stayed 50’s themed all year long!

Next, we made our way over to what was hands down our daughter’s FAVORITE area of the park. Merry Lane, located right outside the Justice League attraction, features giant light up Christmas ornaments that periodically put on a fun light show to music!

Our daughter had the time of her life running through the ornaments and dancing along to the music! She would have stayed there all night if she could. She actually started crying when we told her we were leaving, and an amazing walk around character came over and cheered her up! She walked our daughter into an ornament and gave her a high five. It cheered her right up and made the moment truly magical. Honestly, the attentiveness and enthusiasm of all the characters is what makes SFMM Holiday in the Park stand out for us.

After we finally dragged our daughter out of Merry Lane, we went over to the Gleampunk District! Located outside Twisted Colossus, this area is the quirky holiday fun that you didn’t know you needed!

The magical lights and zany decorations are so fun. Once again though, the characters stole the show! The two stilt walkers were so much fun, and the candy cane man was another highlight for us! Our daughter was a little afraid of him at first, but he was determined to make her smile. With a lot of patience, they were eventually best buds, and it was another highlight of the night for us.

Aside from visiting all the areas of the park, there are several other fun entertainment offerings to be had! You can roast marshmallows on one of several fire pit locations throughout the park, you can meet Santa and do crafts with Mrs. Claus, and you can catch some entertainment at the Snowy Nights show!

The musical entertainment over on the Full Throttle stage was another favorite of ours and our Daughters. It was so magical watching her dance her heart out! It was another area that she never wanted to leave!!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s not the holidays without some over the top food and treats. We got to hang out with Gregg from Park Journey as we traversed the park for tasty treats. Here were some of our favorites!

The first favorite has to be the Enchilada Soup! This was a sleeper hit for us because it wasn’t on our radar at all, but we purchased it because it was at the location we were close to. Do not sleep on this one! It was rich, creamy and totally delicious. Next up would be a perfect pairing with the soup, and that would be…The Pear and Brie Grilled Cheese!

We are suckers for anything with Brie cheese in it, and this grilled cheese is amazing. The sweetness and tartness of the pear really cut through the savory flavor of the cheese and really create a nice sandwich.

Next we had a tasty desert offering and it was the Banana Pudding.

Typically, I’m not a massive fan of Banana Pudding. Gabe loves these things, so when he was really pushing me to try it I figured it was just him over exaggerating how good it was…oh boy was I wrong. The pudding was rich and the Nilla Wafers lent the right amount of crunch it needed.

Last on our foodie journey through SFMM was the Mac and Cheese Burger!

I feel like the picture of this doesn’t do it justice at all. You can’t see the massive pieces of bacon inside it as well as the massive portion of Mac that was stacked on top of the burger. Here’s a tip, you can order the Mac on the side if you have a kiddo with you. We did this and our Daughter loved it!

There are plenty of food options spread throughout the park, so make sure to plan on what foods you want and where you can find them! Here are some of the offerings and their locations.


Overall, we had a blast at SFMM Holiday on the Park this year. It was extra tiring trying to wrangle our Daughter through the park as well, but so worth it! It was truly a family affair, and this event is something that you can have a blast doing without ever even going on a roller coaster! What we love about Holiday in the Park, is how unique and distinctly Six Flags it feels. We’ve come to know and love the park for its characters and personality and they deliver it in spades. We have to give a massive shoutout to the stilt walkers in the Gleampunk District for really taking the time with our Daughter to make her feel comfortable and showed her a great time. Also to the stilt walker in Merry Lane who really took it upon herself to take our Daughter for a one on one walk through the holiday ornaments. These are the type of memories we want her to have forever and it all comes from the wonderful talent throughout the park. Ultimately, Holiday in the Park is perfect for all guests. Young or the young at heart. For Passholders, it’s a perfect night out to have some good food and drinks with family. For those visiting the Park for the first time, you get the coasters during the day, and the holiday magic at night.


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