Midsummer Scream is the world’s largest halloween and horror convention and it celebrates anything and everything in the world of spooky. This year, they will be celebrating their 5th anniversary at the Long Beach Convention Center with three days of ghoulish fun. The event runs from July 28th through July 31st and tickets are on-sale now! After having attended all 4 previous years of MSS, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this event is truly built by people who have a passion and love for Halloween and it shows in every single fiber of the event. They put all their energy into an event that the fans deserve and we feel the love. From large scale haunted attractions to home haunt representation, the scope and scale in which MSS is able to encompass within their short weekend is incredible. It’s a true testamate to the eclectic array of people that make up the spooky season for us here in Southern California.

Aside from the incredible lineup of panels, large show floor and other activities; I would like to think that Midsummer Scream is known for one major aspect…the Hall of Shadows. Since the inception of MSS, the Hall of Shadows has been a staple of the event.

The Hall of Shadows is a cornerstone of Midsummer Scream. It’s one of the main things that separates us from any other convention out there.” said Rick West, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Midsummer Scream. “The incredible haunters that work tirelessly to create displays and walk-through attractions for our guests to experience are truly masters of their craft, and we are so grateful to this community that steps up each year and knocks it out of the ballpark time and again.” The people within this amazing community really devote not only their time, but also blood, sweat, and tears to make sure these experiences are up and running for MSS attendees. It’s truly a daunting task to fill the massive 100,000 square foot room with displays and mini experiences by pro and home haunters from all over California. Rick went onto say, “Hall of Shadows is a celebration of the creativity on display by some of the amazing haunters here in SoCal each year. I truly feel that what they accomplish in such a short amount of time is a temporary art exhibit; it lasts for a couple days, and then is gone forever.

So within those 100,000 square feet of pure Halloween goodness, there is literally something for everyone. And this years theme fits so perfectly with the events 5th anniversary as well as it’s big return after the long break due to COVID-19. The “theme” of this year’s Hall of Shadows is “Halloween Comes Home”. With each year comes a new theme and a whole new entrance designed by the talented people at CalHaunts.

This year’s CalHaunts entry is called “Midsummer Estates” and will feature a small neighborhood with homes decorated for the community’s annual Halloween Festival. The entrance to the Hall of Shadows over the years have always been beautiful. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for this year. Beyond “Midsummer Estates”, guests can sink their teeth into 17 other haunts and attractions waiting within the darkness of Hall of Shadows. This includes:

  • Bones Gulch (Castaic) – From the minds that brought you Beware the Dark Realm, Restless Souls Manor,
    and The Farm home haunts, a brand-new attraction is coming! Bones Gulch is proud to bring a small
    display of what we have in store for you this October to the Hall of Shadows.
  • Fear Farm (Victor Valley) – Venture deep into the cold earth beneath the farm, where a labyrinth filled
    with pure evil awaits your arrival.
  • Reichland Asylum: The Return of Sarah Crawford (Riverside) – They said she worshipped the occult,
    locking her deep in the wards of Reichland Asylum and throwing away the key. Little did they know she
    was the least of their worries… Unearth the secrets of the Crawford family and the dark powers that lie
    deep in the corridors with Reichland Asylum: The Return of Sarah Crawford.
  • Straight to Hale Productions: Demon Creek (Alta Loma) – The town of Casket Creek has a sordid history,
    rife with witches using black magic and wreaking havoc. The townsfolk fear they may never escape the
    wickedness that hangs like a menacing cloud over their once-peaceful town, but it appears that an even
    more sinister entity looms in the shadows.
  • The Witching Auer: HALLOWEEN – A Terrifying Walkthrough Experience (Atwater) – Encounter the
    Myer’s home and come face-to-face with The Shape himself. Enter if you dare: everyone is entitled to one good scare!
  • The Quail Run Carnival (Agoura Hills) – Come win some Halloween candy in a handmade, vintage-style,
    Halloween Carnival! Play either MASH THE MONSTERS or THE SEANCE, play a spooky vintage ARCADE
    CABINET, or spin our FORTUNE WHEEL to see your future! New games added every Halloween!
  • The Dreich Society: Nightmare (Ontario) – Deep in the woodlands of Japan stands an ancient temple,
    originally designed to trap the land’s spirits of the night. Will you survive a peek behind the curtain in their realm, or be trapped forever in their eternal nightmare?
  • The Haunt With No Name… Yet (Tarzana) – Wandering on a eerie night, you find an unknown place. It is
    forgotten by time but seems haunted and filled with mysterious and spooky things. You decide to take the time to explore what is happening at the Haunt With No Name.. Yet.
  • Realm of Shadow: Hamre Manor (Norwalk) – The Lord of Shadow and his Matron have returned to the
    attic space of Hamre Manor. Come find your way through his minion-filled hallways, and prepare to
    confront the evil within!
  • The Decayed Brigade slider team will return to the Hall of Shadows with three incredible exhibitions on
    Saturday July 30th, and three on Sunday July 31st – show times to be announced soon.

If you’ve never attended Midsummer Scream and not had the opportunity to experience the Hall of Shadows, then theres no time like the present to start making plans for the 5th anniversary. While you’re planning, keep in mind that the Hall of Shadows is NOT an up charged experience. Admission to Hall of Shadows and its attractions is included in General or Gold Bat tickets to Midsummer Scream. Gold Bat VIP passes will grant guests “fast lane” access to most attractions in the Hall of Shadows. Additionally, Gold Bat pass holders will be granted access to Hall of Shadows each morning 1 hour prior to General Admission guests; this is a great opportunity to beat the crowds. Trust us when we say that the 1 extra hour of time can really make a difference between seeing everything and potentially missing out on something you really wanted to see or experience. Because although Midsummer Scream is running 3 days, the Hall of Shadows will be in operation Saturday and Sunday, July 30-31 from show open to close; it will not be operational Friday July 29th as haunters put the final touches on their amazing creations.

Words cannot express how happy we are that we are getting a full fledged Midsummer Scream event once again. For us, yes seeing all the haunted attractions, panels, and show floor is beyond exciting. But to be celebrating Halloween with the people we love in this community make everything that much sweeter than a bowl of candy on Halloween night!

If you’re looking for more information regarding Midsummer Scream including how to purchase tickets, make sure to visit their website!


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