Warning: this is not your average Theme Park Duo trip report! Why, you ask? Well, that’s because this trip report is 300% more adorable! That’s because we took our daughter to her very first water park…EVER! This past weekend we headed over to Knott’s Soak City, in Buena Park, to beat the heat and make some memories, and boy did we ever!

Now, we are not water park people naturally, but I think I speak for both of us when I say that this was hands down our favorite trip to not just Soak City, but to any water park! Seeing everything through the eyes of a child can have that effect. 

We arrived at the park gates about 10 minutes to opening (opening was 10:00 a.m.) and we are definitely glad we did! There was already a pretty decent line for security, and security can take some time to get through if you have bags/wagons. Security does an excellent job of moving people through as fast as possible, but it still takes time. And guests tend to bring lots of stuff with them to Soak City! Umbrellas, lawn chairs, coolers, whatever you need to basically camp out by the water all day. We ourselves brought our stroller and packed our lunch! (great idea to save a few bucks, but the food available in the park also looks really good!) A word of warning: learn from our mistake, only bring plastic containers. 

As we were saying: we would recommend getting there as early as possible, especially if there is a particular place that you are hoping to sit. When we made it through the gates, we headed straight for the little kid’s play area called Gremmie Lagoon! This is definitely a popular area and fills up fast! So make sure to grab some loungers in the shade or a spot on the grass first!

We could hardly apply sunscreen to our little one fast enough, she was sooo excited to jump right into the water. And who could blame her! The entire area is a wading pool with various little water slides and water features dispersed throughout. Our little mermaid’s favorite was hands down the “boat slide” as she called it.

It was a cute little slide that looked like it was made out of a shipwreck. There were also three slightly larger slides that trailed down the tentacles of a giant octopus. These slides are slightly larger and your little ones need to climb up on their own as adults are not allowed. 

We are definitely glad we went at opening because the first two hours of the day in this area were great! It wasn’t too crowded, and there were no lines for the slides. As we got closer to noon, the area got a little busy for our taste. When the slides got a bit busy, we played in the wading pool area. I loved this section because you can just let your littles roam free in water that is a safe depth. We had so much fun just sitting there goofing around! 

After pausing for an early lunch, we decided to switch gears and take a ride in the lazy river! This river is quite long, and was a nice chill way to spend a few minutes. We snagged an inner tube and were off down the river! We had a blast bumping into each other with our tubes and just had a great time making memories!

That was about all the excitement our little one could handle for one day, and as this was a more family-oriented trip, we left a little bit after lunch time. But not before taking a spin around the park to see what else Soak City has to offer. We definitely want to come back and spend some time at Tidal Wave Bay! Even if we don’t go all the way in with our kiddo, the beach area is a great place to hang out! 

We also passed by several “big kid” attractions that are tons of fun! (we might have to plan a trip back so we can try them out!) Banzai Falls and Malibu Run both looked incredibly fun and we could hear the screaming of guests going down all these slides from afar. The Fun House is a great “in between” attraction for those kids who’ve moved on from Gremmie Lagoon but are still a bit nervous about the slides. There are plenty of interactive water spouts and it’s essentially a giant water jungle gym. We can’t wait for our kiddo to be that size so we can have fun along side her as well.


We had an absolutely stellar morning at Knott’s Soak City. We made lots of memories, and honestly it was the perfect way for us to “dive” back into the theme park world as a family of three. We have been very careful with where we bring out little one since the pandemic, and we felt that this would be a great (entirely outdoor) experience to get our feet wet (literally 😀 ). Seeing our kiddo get so excited and light up with joy was all that we could ask for out of the day. We had an absolute blast and can’t wait for our next Knott’s adventure with the whole family!

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