The Cosmic Game: Full Audio Drama Available Now

The Cosmic Game Tells New Version of the Creation Story, with Cinematic Score and Rich Soundscapes, in Elevated Audio Production

The Cosmic Game is a new original horror-fantasy audio drama from the immersive production company, Drunken Devil. A modern twist on classic radio dramas, The Cosmic Game tells the story of God and the Devil as they try to outwit one another in an effort to gain influence over all earth-dwelling mortals. Listeners will encounter vampires in New Orleans, Ancient Roman tyrants, cults, and demons, in this high-stakes, time-jumping supernatural melodrama.

The audio drama is based on characters developed by Matt Dorado, creator of Drunken Devil, who co-wrote, directed, and executive produced the podcast with Mak Manson. “I created Drunken Devil back in 2015 as a haunted house, which ended in an immersive bar. From there, it quickly grew into a nightlife series, with each show featuring characters that were all part of a shared universe,” says Dorado. “The Cosmic Game brings all those characters together in one sweeping narrative.” 

The Cosmic Game also features a unique, original soundtrack, crafted by composer Chris Thomas, who has collaborated with Dorado for years on various theatrical productions. While original compositions for audio dramas are nothing new, this particular soundtrack is designed to truly elevate the production, as grand in scope as a film or television show.

On one hand, scoring The Cosmic Game was just like scoring a modern, epic feature film,” says Thomas, whose client list includes HBO and ABC, as well as themed entertainment productions like the LA Haunted Hayride, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Queen Mary’s Chill. “On the other, it was like stepping back into the 1930’s to score a CBS radio drama. The whole time, I felt like I was playing the role of Bernard Herrmann to Matt’s Orson Welles” The soundtrack, which Thomas notes is influenced by composers ranging from Danny Elfman to Franz Waxman and Nino Rota, is just as vast as the sprawling story itself. “Everything about scoring The Cosmic Game was just like a large feature score, except there was no picture.” 

A detailed soundtrack, along with full sound design by Todd Eric Valcourt – whose past clients include Marvel Studios and Enfranchisement Productions – elevates The Cosmic Game to what Dorado believes audio dramas can be: immersive storytelling experiences, with original narratives, high-caliber performances, and rich, intentionally designed soundscapes that completely transport listeners to another world.

The Cosmic Game isn’t a simple audio drama. Much like the events Drunken Devil used to produce, this show is an escapist experience. When we started the creative process, my goal was to craft something akin to an HBO show, without any visuals. I think what we as a creative team put together has exceeded all expectations. So grab a drink, dim the lights, and let The Cosmic Game take you on this wild, bonkers adventure!” 

All episodes of The Cosmic Game are now available wherever listeners find their podcasts. Presales for the soundtrack begin June 19th, 2022 on Bandcamp, with a release date set for June 24th, 2022.

About Drunken Devil 

Drunken Devil is a Los Angeles-based entertainment company with an emphasis on horror-themed nightlife, dining experiences, and special events. Based on a character conceived by live entertainment producer Matt Dorado, the company’s aesthetic and vision is deeply rooted in mythology, folklore, kitsch, music, and the horror genre. For more information on the Drunken Devil, please visit

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