Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage Takes SFMM to New Heights!

For as long as I can remember Six Flags Magic Mountain , or as we called it growing up Magic Mountain, was the place for thrills. So obviously I was terrified of the place. If you’ve listened to our show or read some of our write ups, this isn’t new information. As a kid, seeing the towering steel monstrosities echo the terrified screams of passengers was just a bit too much to handle. But after growing up and finally getting myself on the rides themselves, I realized how much damn fun the place could be. To be honest, that was around 16 years old. Which is much later than most but let’s not focus on that. With each visit, it was about pushing the limits of what I found to be too intense or too scary. Funny enough, the park typically does the same thing. With rides like X2, Goliath, Twisted Colossus and Tatsu; the park has a history with record breaking coasters pushing its riders to the extreme. It’s nice to see that not much has changed in the many years we’ve been frequenting the park because in 2022 the park has opened it’s 20th coaster and another world record breaking one at that! Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage isn’t just a record breaking coaster, but the parks first single rail coaster from RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction). The only way to truly describe one of these coasters in person is a hot wheels track come to life in a way.

Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage has 4 trains which each seat 12 passengers with 1 passenger in each row, 3,300 feet of single-rail I-beam track, a 131-foot lift hill, reaches speeds up to 58 mph, includes intense elements including a steep 87-degree first drop, over banked cutback, three dramatic inversions including a 180-degree stall, raven dive and zero-gravity roll. Clearly SFMM wasn’t messing around when developing this ride for the park.

On Media Day, we were lucky to have our friend Nick from Mouse Vibes cover for us and by his reaction, SFMM has a winner on their hands. Not only did he say it was smooth as butter, but it was intense. Intense in a way that just made you want to giggle and raise both hands up while on the ride. Now, Nick isn’t a big coaster person in the slightest. In fact, he was really scared going into this which we thank him so much for being able to summon the courage for us. But the fact that he says the ride is just a blast is a testament to how well the ride fits at the park.

Here are a few things that might be useful for your visit to SFMM to ride Wonder Woman. The height restriction is 48 inches and don’t even think about trying to bring your backpack on the ride. There are free lockers provided just in case you have items that won’t fit within the small onboard pouch.

The ride is extremely forgiving for those of us who are maybe a bit bigger than the normal guest. So if you’re a little worried about not fitting, maybe give it a try because we know plenty of people who often have issues with rides but fit on this one. That being said, if you love air time, try sitting in the front of the train. If you love a more intense experience with sustained ejector airtime, then try out the back.


Six Flags Magic Mountain has another winner on its hands. Wonder Woman isn’t just a record breaking coaster for the coaster nerds, but it’s a crowd pleasing coaster. We’ve heard from numerous people that the ride is just flat out fun! Whether you like the intensity of the back seat or the air time of the front seats, this ride has you covered. Wonder Woman seems to fit perfectly within the lineup of coasters at the park and is a worthy addition to the Thrill Capitol of the World. Now it just has us asking…What’s next?

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