Global Music Phenomenon The Weeknd Collaborates with Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights to Create All-New Haunted Houses

This is what the community has all been waiting for! Ever since the rumor began, fans of HHN and The Weeknd were incredibly excited to see the two worlds collide and created a much heated debate on the inclusion of the musical artist at the event. While those types of conversations are typically healthy, it tends to take a negative spin which inevitably is disappointing and rather typical for the internet. But the main argument is that The Weeknd isn’t horror enough for an event called Halloween Horror Nights. I think just a little digging proves otherwise.

There is so much horror inspired imagery within The Weeknd’s work that it would be silly not to recognize its potential as a HHN house. In fact, the artists first studio album “Kiss Land” is directly inspired by horror directors like John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and Ridley Scott, because of the way they were able to capture fear on film. With that being said, one of our favorite aspects of HHN is the variety of inspiration they pull from in terms of their houses. All aspects of horror are represented within the event and The Weeknd falls within the confines of that too. We are beyond excited to see what the creative team behind both HHN events has up their sleeve with The Weeknd.

Below is the official press release regarding The Weeknd coming to HHN!

“The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare” Will Terrify Guests in an Unprecedented Experience at Universal Orlando Resort Beginning September 2, and at Universal Studios Hollywood Beginning September 8

For the first time ever, multi award-winning artist The Weeknd joins forces with Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights to inspire all-new, terrifying haunted houses based on his record-breaking “After Hours” album. Beginning September 2 at Universal Orlando Resort and on September 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood, guests will spiral into the twisted mind of this mysterious artist to experience “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare.”

Global phenomenon, The Weeknd, is renowned for his groundbreaking music that blends daring, provocative lyrics with innovative sounds and ominous undertones. “After Hours” is The Weeknd’s fourth consecutive number one album and has spawned multiple chart-topping hits, including “Too Late,” “Heartless,” “In Your Eyes” and the wildly popular single “Blinding Lights” – which is ranked as the #1 Greatest Hot 100 Hit of All Time by Billboard. This fall, select tracks from the riveting album are being reimagined as a horror movie soundtrack for the outrageously haunting experience at Halloween Horror Nights.

The dark undercurrent behind The Weeknd’s enigmatic persona will permeate the all-new Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses on both coasts. With the eerie sounds of “After Hours” reverberating throughout the experience, guests will step into a surreal living nightmare filled with grotesque characters and themes inspired by The Weeknd’s music and short films. As they’re stalked by slashers, bandaged maniacs, gruesome toad-like creatures and other unfathomable horrors from the mind of the artist, guests will be challenged to survive the night while trapped within the terrifying, unexpected world of “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare” – a place that only exists in The Weeknd’s vivid imagination and from which one may never escape.

I always wanted my own Halloween Horror Nights haunted house as Halloween has always been significant to my music, so this is a total dream come to life. I feel like my music videos have served as a launching pad for a collaboration like this, and I cannot wait for people to experience this madness!” said Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye.

We are thrilled to take guests inside of the mind of The Weeknd, who is a Halloween Horror Nights fan himself,” said John Murdy, Executive Producer of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.  “This is an unprecedented haunted house that is going to shatter the expectations of our guests and immerse them in an unforgettable experience that is equally unexpected and terrifying,” added Charles Gray, Senior Show Director for Entertainment Creative Development at Universal Orlando Resort.

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