The 49th Season of Knott’s Scary Farm Turns Nightmares into Reality with New Signature Scares

Select Dates September 22nd–October 31st

Last week, we were some of the lucky few who got a sneak peak inside the offerings at this years Knott’s Scary Farm. On a warm and quiet evening, we were escorted into a nearly vacant Knott’s Berry Farm to try out the new food, drinks, check out the latest merchandise and maybe even get a glimpse of the new maze Bloodlines: 1842.

We were lead over to SPURS Chop House were we were treated to one of the many drinks at this years event. This alcoholic concoction is the “I VANT Your Blood” Vodka Strawberry Lemonade! It was incredibly refreshing on a hot evening and had a fun halloween flair to it.

Around the room were selections of pieces from this years Into The Fog Art Show! Funny enough, right before this event I had to run to Western Gate to drop off my own piece that will be in the show…keep your eyes peeled for mine!

Each piece around the room celebrated a completely different aspect of Knott’s Scary Farm. If you’re a fan of retro Knott’s Scary Farm (Halloween Haunt) they’ve got a piece for you. Or even if you’re into the new mazes and scare zones at Scary Farm, there’s pieces for those as well. Knott’s has cultivated such a fantastic array of styles, mediums and topics for this years show. I cannot wait to buy prints to add to our growing collection of unique Knott’s Scary Farm art.

Then we were treated to a fun photo op that placed us right in the middle of the key art for one of this years newest mazes, The Grimoire! Honestly, this put such a huge smile on my face and it truly never left.

They then removed the curtains in our small room to unveil a breathtaking dining table for us to sample of this years food. This is sincerely much fancier than I’m used to but was happy to sit down and enjoy all the foods. The first item we tried was the The Angry Autumn Salad (not pictured). This was comprised of Butternut Squash, Beets, Pomegranate Seeds, Goat Cheese and Arugula with an Apple Cider Vinaigrette. Typically I’m very picky with my salads, but this one was refreshing and extremely well balanced. The tangy and acidic dressing really paired nicely with the beets and rich goats cheese.

Then the following course was Chicken and Spicy Sausage Gumbo with a Frog Leg garnish. Last year, frogs legs were offered as a standalone item. I think adding them to a dish is a much easier way to get people to be a bit more adventurous. Obviously having frog legs sticking out of your gumbo can be a bit much for some people. But, I can tell you sincerely that if someone never told you the meat was frog, you’d think it was chicken. I took the meat off the legs and set them aside and thought the gumbo was really good. I could have used a bit of Tabasco with it (if you like spice) but overall it’s a hearty main dish that should be fun for those more daring.

The following dish was a sampler plate of many different items. We tried the Spooky Crabby Sushi Roll, Ghouls Mac and Cheese with Steak Bites, Mexican Chorizo Shrimp Slider and the Creepy Calamari with Spicy Aioli. The winner on this dish by far is the Mac and Cheese. It was extremely flavorful and was very hearty. I was pleasantly surprised by the Spooky Crabby Sushi Roll. I don’t typically order sushi from theme parks, but this really caught me off guard. I really enjoyed the flavors, especially with a small dash of soy sauce. Continuing on the seafood train, the calamari was not chewy at all and was perfectly seasoned. I just wish we could have gotten more sauce for dipping. I can only hope that when served inside the park, guests are given an ample amount of sauce because it’s very tasty. Lastly, we had the Mexican Chorizo Shrimp Slider! This was the only thing on the plate that I didn’t care for. I’m unsure if it’s because my tastebuds were shot from eating so many things or if it truly wasn’t good. But I just didn’t feel like it was nearly as tasty as the previous items we had that night.

Lastly, we were treated to dessert. We had the Canine Candy Corn, Pecan Pie Brownie Bomb and the Skeleton Bone cookie. The winner by a LONG SHOT on this plate is the brownie bomb. This item was incredibly rich and would be perfect with a warm cup of coffee to cut through the sugar.


As with every year at Knott’s Berry Farm (and every single season celebration) the amount of specialty foods is absolutely crazy. No matter where you are in the park, you can find items that are only avaiable during the spooky season. Now you know which items we’ve tried, but there are plenty that we are beyond excited to try.

Here are our TOP 3 items to try at this years event. In the number 3 spot are the Frighten Philly Cheese Tater Tots. At number 2, we have the Scary Sausage and Veggie sub. Then in our number 1 spot of most anticipated food at Knott’s Berry Farm during the spooky season will be a slice of The Hollow’s Chicken and Hatch Chili Pizza. My goodness, we love hatch green chili in this household. And putting it on top of pizza is a complete no brainer to us.

Then we have plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the park. The green and blue margaritas look like they’ll be the perfect option on a warm fall evening at the park.

Then we have so many pieces of dessert that it’ll make your head spin! From themed Camp Spooky cookies, to large stuffed churros; there are many different options for everyone to choose from. One piece that stuck out to us was the Bonkers Bananas Fosters Funnel Cake as well as the “Murder Us” S’more Funnel Cake. We aren’t 100% sure what it is about the delectable crispy treat, but it always seems like the perfect vessel for sugary syrups and toppings. And these two versions are clear examples of how to take a funnel cake to the next level. Also, can’t get enough of the puns with the names of the food items.


Okay, the amount of merchandise that we like this year is making our wallet very scared. First thing we need to talk about is this years Knott’s Scary Farm Spirit Jersey. This piece is just absolutely stunning and we love the skeleton theme to the whole thing. We cannot wait to buy this at the park. We are also very happy to report that the event shirt has the maze names on the back once again. Last year, the maze names were placed on the front of the shirt. Although it looked fine, something just felt off. We love the assortment of names on the back and the Knott’s Scary Farm logo on the breast of the shirt. Sweet and simple and we can’t wait to buy it.

Then another MUST BUY for us is this LIMITED EDITION (of 2000) Knott’s Scary Farm tiki mugs. My level of excitement for this piece alone is indescribable. I told the Knott’s Scary Farm staff that I’ll be the first to ever rope drop Cordy’s Corner in order to snag myself one of these gorgeous pieces.

Of course, we also have so many other pieces of merchandise that you can purchase at the park. As with previous years, you can get almost any item with a scare zone or maze name on it. That means hats, shirts, shot glasses, pins, stickers and much more! It’s a fun way to celebrate and represent your favorites from that years event.

Lastly, when we were looking through some of the shirts. We noticed a small pile of shirts folded, so we asked to see them. We were then showed these three shirts and we audibly gasped. We then got the confirmation on what mazes and (surprisingly) what scare zone was leaving the event after the 2022 season. We love how each maze gets a grand send out with unique pieces of merchandise to remember it by. If these are going to be anything like last years Paranormal Inc, these will sell out. So if you want to commemorate these attractions, make sure to snag one quickly.


Now we’ve come to the fun stuff! We were lucky enough to interview some wonderful people who work behind the scenes tirelessly at Knott’s Berry Farm to bring all your nightmares to life. Below, you’ll find our episode where we interview Executive Producer Eric Nix, Entertainment Designer Jon Asperin, and Associate Producer Chris Do. As an added treat, we conducted these interviews within the depths of this years new maze Bloodlines: 1842!

Here is our full episode where you can find our commentary on our night at Knott’s Berry Farm as well as hear the interviews we had with Eric Nix, Jon Asperin, and Chris Do!

Knott’s Scary Farm is coming into 2022 with its 49th season. It’s truly an incredible milestone and while my excitement has me looking towards the future, I can’t help but smile knowing that this time next week, we’ll be in the fog with thousands of monsters roaming Knott’s. Each year Knott’s Berry Farm approaches the impossible task of topping themselves and each year they’re fully capable of doing so. After trying the food, seeing the merchandise, and hearing about the passion that has gone into this years new additions, I can say without a doubt that Knott’s Scary Farm 2022 is going to be a SCARY good time. Now hand me a blue margarita, sit me in the middle of fog alley and let the monsters loose. Because we are ready for Knott’s Scary Farm 2022!


For More Information Regarding Knott’s Scary Farm and How To Purchase Tickets, Please CLICK HERE!

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