A VISIT IN PICTURES: Nights of the Jack 2022

On a chilly fall evening, we as a family ventured out to Calabasas to have some family friendly fun at Nights of the Jack! Nights if the Jack is a seasonal event, were the event organizers have summoned Jack o’ lanterns from every mystical sphere. You can follow the 2/3 mile trail at King Gillette Ranch, glimmering at every turn with blazing gourds around every corner. And we had so much fun. There aren’t many family friendly options that truly get you in the Halloween spirit and Nights of the Jack is one of them. We got our kiddo’s face painted and snagged some food before venturing into the displays of pumpkins! 

While I love carving pumpkins, venturing out to see a display of carved gourds isn’t the first thing on my list for the season. But I was surprised at how damn cool the whole experience was for guests. Each display has its own theme and music to go along with it. Often times it had our jaws on the floor. Some of our favorites were SpongeBob, the Gourd Train, the dinosaurs and the snowy section at the end. Our kiddo along with every other kid loved the snow (snoap) falling in this section. 

We highly suggest checking out Nights of the Jack with the entire family! The kids will love the pumpkins and the adults will like the themed bars. It will get you in the right mood for the spookiest season of them all at your own home. 

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