On a cold night in December, we ventured out to Valencia to experience Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This even has always been a favorite of ours because of their unique decorations, thousands of twinkling lights, fun meet and greets, and the guest interactions. We actually think Holiday in the Park is the strongest event SFMM puts on during the year in fact. And if our kiddo’s reaction to snow in the park is any indication, we think she would agree with us as well. Below will be a Visit In Pictures of our time at SFMM for Holiday in the Park.

The first thing we needed when we walked into the park was find some grub! So we ventured out with out Taste of Holiday in the Park Tasting Cards and found the first location we could visit, which was at the Plaza Cafe. For $39.99, you can buy the tasting cards which allow you to have holiday foods throughout the park. And unlike its name, its not just a taste. Some of these food items can be rather hearty. You can also snag yourself a refillable hot beverage cup. For $9.99 (cheaper if you buy more, pictured below) you can get any hot beverage and then $1.99 for refills all night. It’s a pretty fantastic deal if you ask us.

Our first food item was the Enchilada Soup! Although we’d love a bigger serving, it was delicious. We remember this being a favorite of ours from last year as well.

We stopped inside the Emporium to get some gloves for our kiddo and saw some of the cool holiday merchandise. We are in love with the coaster specific ornaments and would love to see more of these in the future. Everyone can take home an ornament of their favorite coaster during the holidays. We think this would resonate with the coaster community. We were honestly shocked that we didn’t see any SFMM Spirit Jerseys since most other parks are jumping on that trend. But don’t be shocked if you see them in the near future.

As we exited the store, we walked right into one of the show moments at the entry of the park with snow. It felt rather magical because of the timing. We loved it because it felt like it went on forever! Our kiddo had plenty of time to run around and enjoy it while we had time to take some photos and videos of her dancing. This was one of the many highlights of the night for us.

Our next stop was The North Pole which takes residence inside Whistlestop Park, next to Bugs Bunny World. This is an all new location this year and we think it better services the experience in this location as well. Here you can meet the jolly man himself, Mrs. Claus, some stilt walking characters and even have some fun with arts and crafts that you can take home.

This area is what lead to quite possible the best character interaction we’ve had at Holiday in the Park. As we entered the arts and crafts area, an elf approached our kiddo and started to ask her about the holidays and if she was good so that Santa could visit her on Christmas Eve. This cute interaction may seem small, but it had such an impact on our kiddo. The elf then walked our kiddo hand in hand to go meet Santa. To say that our kiddo had the biggest smile on her face was an understatement. The elf waited in line with her, introduced her to other elves, and introduced her to Santa. It was such a pure and joyous moment for us as a family. Honestly, we haven’t experienced any character interaction like that before. And we mean that in the best of ways.

We were slightly disappointed that we couldn’t take personal photos of this interaction as a SFMM TM told us we weren’t allowed to take photos with our phone when we approached Santa. Although she never took photos of the interaction herself. So maybe that can be adjusted. No personal photos of the OFFICIAL photo with Santa, but you can get your family’s reaction to Santa on your phone. I realize that would be hard to regulate, but if they are capable of doing it for the picture itself, I think they could do it.

After visiting Santa, we headed on over to the Gleampunk District. This use to be our favorite portion of the park during the holidays because of the kinetic energy and unique decorations. I mean, what other park has steam punk Christmas? This year seemed to be missing multiple elements that somewhat disappointed us. Missing was Santa’s Sleigh, the massive projection on the side of the building, some of the decorations were not working, and there didn’t seem to be any characters in the area. Although one of the characters did seem to be relocated to the North Pole area. It was somewhat sad considering we were so excited to see it again.

We also found it tremendously odd that the park was offering a Army of the Dead VR Experience during the holidays. While this is awesome and we are always supporters of all things spooky, it just stood out like a sore thumb. While we didn’t experience it, we’ve been told by multiple people that it was a blast. And if you like spooky at all times of the year, you might beed this break from all the holiday cheer.

We then headed for DC Universe which is home to a new area called Jingle Bell Way. It includes some photo ops and the large lit up ornaments that use to reside in front of Justice League in years past. It was really cut, just wished there were more ornaments, but there really isn’t too much space.

We did stop for food at Ace O’Clubs and had some of our favorite food options of the night. We had the Turkey Pockets, BBQ Cranberry Brisket, and the Mac & Cheese. The Turkey Pocket was messy but oh so dang good. And the brisket was so tender. Highly recommend trying these out.

Down in The Underground by West Coast Racers, which is called Holly Rock during HITP, we witnessed an amazing juggler. He rode his unicycle, juggled and made us laugh. He was a blast. Our kiddo was rather sleepy at this time and he really woke her up with some deep belly laughs with his antics. Also, SFMM had a great photo op with the OG SFMM bus! All we need is Mr. Six and it would have been perfect.

Our last food stop of the night was Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen up by Tatsu. We used our last tasting options on the Loaded Turkey Mash Potatos and the Turkey Leftover Slider. The Mash Potatos were fantastic, but the slider was rather small but tasty.

Then we came to Peppermint Path which leads down to Viper. This area used to have the “snow” sculptures lining the pathway. And on very cold nights, it truly felt like a winter wonderland. We really do miss those sculptures in this area, but it’s still stunningly beautiful.

These snow sculptures were moved to a new area called Artic Alley. This is the long path going down towards Revolution. It’s cute and an area of the park that really needs something. The website mentions a choreographed light show to music, but we happen to miss it.

Holiday in the Park is always such a fun experience. The whimsical nature SFMM takes on the holidays makes it stand out from the rest. Plus with the addition of great food and amazing guest interactions makes it a yearly traditions for us as a family. Holiday in the Park remains a must see for us each and every year.


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