Right across the street from Knott’s Berry Farm, you’ll find Knott’s Soak City! This popular SoCal waterpark is opening for the season and people from all over visit in search of thrills and a way to beat the summer heat. We were invited by Knott’s Berry Farm to experience the park as a family and it was a fantastic way to start our Summer in the right direction.

Soak City’s 15 acre plot offers an amazing variety of attractions that range from intense to kid friendly. Soak City boasts 23 speed, tube and body slides including Shore Break featuring 6 different waterslide experiences and a thrilling family raft ride, The Wedge; the 750,000-gallon Tidal Wave Bay wavepool; a one‑third‑mile Sunset River; and the three‑story Beach House, featuring 200 water guns, nozzles, sprayers and other interactive surprises. Needless to say, there is plenty to do all day long while visiting.

For our visit, we woke up nice and early to be some of the first in line to get into the park. Last year, we learned that many people show up early in order to get some prime locations. Thankfully, the day was a bit overcast so not as many people showed up. But there were still more than we expected.

We knew going into the day that things would be much different than last year, since our kiddo is older and is willing to do some more adventurous attractions. Also, she is tall enough to visit the Beach House play area now! So as parents, we were very excited to experience some firsts for our kiddo.

Once we got into the park, we found a prime spot between the Beach House, Tidal Wave Bay and the ramp leading up and towards the Gremmie Lagoon kids area. We wasted no time at all and walked right up into the Beach House for the first adventure of the day.

This was the view of The Beach House from our spot

Throughout the Beach House are plenty of levers, buttons, water guns, and various other doodads that allow you to spill, spray, or shoot water all around. It’s kinda a kids dream come true. But beware, because there are 3 different buckets that fill with water and drench guests below when they become overfilled. We were unfortunately or fortunately, underneath one such bucket at just the right time and completely got soaked. It was hysterical because all three of us were screaming in fear and laughing so incredibly hard at the situation we found ourselves in. Honestly, we created a core memory with just that alone. That wasn’t the only core memory made that day either. Our kiddo was ready to venture into some more “big girl” slides.

While it took some convincing, she absolutely loved every second of it and had the biggest smile on her face when she landed in the pool of water below. Even today (as I’m writing this, it’s 4 days later) she comes up to us and talks about the “blue water slide”. You can see some of her reaction in the TikTok below.


Knott’s Soak City is open for the summer! Escape the summer heat with a 15-acre water park with waterslides, a wave pool, a lazy river, shaded cabanas and delicious dining options. @Knott’s Berry Farm #knottssoakcity #knottsberryfarm #knotts #waterpark #themepark

♬ Surf music of Teketeke Sound – HAKUROU

Even though she loved her experience on the slide, she knew exactly where she wanted to go. So we all headed over to Gremmie Lagoon!

While this is the “kids” area of the park, it still has a variety of slides that appeal to kids of different ages. They have a small pirate ship slide, a slide within a yellow submarine, and multiple slides on the tentacles of an octopus which sits atop of the submarine. It’s a rather imaginative area thats not only fun to play in, but fun to be around.

We spent a majority of our time at the park within Gremmie Lagoon and honestly really enjoyed it. It was nice being able to see our kid walk to the top of the slides alone and come crashing down into the water below while smiling all the way. There is a sense of independence the kids get when being able to do this away from their parents, which we think is incredibly important. I know this to be true when I hear “I did it all on my own.” after she came splashing down.

Once we got our fill of Gremmie Lagoon, we ventured over to Tidal Wave Bay. Which this was our kiddos first experience with a wave pool.

While very hesitant at first, once our kiddo got used to the water and the waves she had an absolute blast. She loved jumping into the waves which carried her up and over. Only to be waiting for the next one to come along.

For those parents and adults who are looking for something more than just Boysenberry Punch while visiting Soak City, you’ll be able to find a VERY large variety of libations to wet your whistle. I was surprised to find that Soak City had it’s very own IPA named after one of it’s rides, Stormwatch! The only thing I was disappointed by was the lack of Boysenberry Beer or Cider. These are our favorite items and perfectly encapsulates Knott’s Berry Farm and we were pretty sad that it wasn’t avaiable. Maybe it’s not a big seller in the waterpark? Who knows, but we’d think it would be a no-brainer to make it available.

If alcoholic beverages aren’t what you’re looking for, just like Knott’s Berry Farm next door, you can purchase various beverages but more importantly cups that either allow you to drink for free ALL DAY LONG or ALL YEAR LONG! It would be advantageous of visitors to splurge and purchase the All Day cup since it can save you a pretty penny.


During our visit, we witnessed the Soak City staff go above and beyond in making sure guests were having the best time possible. And more important, making sure guests were safe. We have to give a massive shout out to all Soak City Associates for really taking everything seriously. We had a couple moments throughout the day that really made us appreciative of the staff. First, at the beginning of the day before everyone was allowed to run and pick their spots. Unfortunately, a young woman passed out and fainted. Emergency staff and personnel were called and arrived faster than any of us expected. They made sure the woman was alright, cleared the area and escorted her to a safe space. Secondly, throughout the day we witnessed life guards actively practicing and testing their skills. In the wave pool, we witnessed a drowning drill where a Knott’s employee acted as if he was drowning. We saw the life guard immediately jump into action. We discussed it with some friendly people around us and the consensus was that it made us all feel incredibly safe. Because not only are we trusting our safety in the hands of these people, but we are actively witnessing them make sure they are sharp at all times.

Not only is Knott’s Soak City a fantastic waterpark, it really does allow for a perfect summer day. With a variety of food, drinks, treats and attractions; there is literally something for everyone! Maybe you want to go face your fears and climb up seven stories high to experience a 60-foot tall drop on Shore Break or indulge in a ice cream or beer while basking in the summer sun. The essence of summer is here at Knott’s Soak City.

While typically we don’t consider ourselves “waterpark people” it really only takes one visit to Knott’s Soak City to remind us how fun it can be. Whether we were relaxing in a inner tube, placidly floating along to summer tunes or cheering on our kiddo when she faces her fears of a waterslide; we made so many memories during our visit. That’s the point right? Not “how many rides did we get in?” or “How many pieces of food did I get to consume?” (there’s Boysenberry Festival for that!). It’s about making lasting memories with your friends, families and loved ones. And if that was the goal, I think we left with the greatest gift of all.


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