The Theme Park Duo Podcast – EPISODE 101: TOP 10 DISNEY ATTRACTION SONGS



Sit down with Nikki and Gabriel as the hosts of The Theme Park Duo Podcast take you on a journey through their TOP 10 Disney Attraction Songs. When you think Disney, it is hard not to dream about the addictive rhythmic melodies of the songs that defined our childhood at theme parks. Regardless whether that is from Disneyland or Walt Disney World, it is impossible to think Disney without their incredible musical library. Personally, I can’t think Disney without thinking of The Sherman Brothers amazing tunes like The Tiki Room, One Little Spark (EPCOT) and much more. Heck, it’s hard to think of Amusement parks or theme parks without music. Will your favorite song make the list? Or will it just be an honorable mention. Tune in because this one is sure to be fun!

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