A Visit in Pictures: Disneyland

We decided to visit The Happiest Place on Earth this past weekend. It was a rainy cold Sunday and it somewhat kept the crowds out. But here are some pictures from the day of what we saw and what we noticed.

This is the UPCHARGE parking area of the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. EMPTY! Although this does fill up later in the day, if you are here early, you can park rather close to it and not have to fork over more than the already high $20 parking price.


Construction on Star Wars Land continues to chug along at a furious speed. As you can see there are some structural frames for building and much much more.

img_8524 img_8525 img_8526

This should give you a sense of the type of crowds that were here this past Sunday. Condensed into one area like this, it looks pretty bad. But once the day went on, it didn’t feel as bad as this looks.


I LOVED these colorful MSEP banners that adorned the street lamps all over Main Street.

img_8531 img_8542 img_8548

The right side of the Star Tours entrance is currently behind construction walls.

img_8553 img_8554

img_8557 img_8566 img_8571 img_8573 img_8574

You can get some really great pictures and views from the top of Tarzan’s Treehouse.

img_8578 img_8580 img_8582


You can hear the music just by staring at this photo…

img_8585 img_8587 img_8597 img_8600

They were just wrapping up production in New Orlean’s Square as we went further into the park. I wonder what it was for? I know they were filming Marvel stuff over in DCA recently, wonder if it’s for the same thing.

img_8602 img_8604

Didn’t see many people pointing these out, but these are the MAGIC BAND poles that you can find at Walt Disney World. After speaking briefly with a cast member, it sounds like she was less than happy about the installation. The problem being that you have the paper ticket system as well as the MaxPass system. It might cause a lot of over crowding at rides and even raise the wait time for particular rides. Not sure why dropping the current FastPass+ here at Disneyland wouldn’t work or why it wasn’t even tried? I feel like the amount of money maid on Magic Bands would far surpass the money made off of the $10 up-charge MaxPass.

img_8605 img_8606 img_8608 img_8642 img_8655 img_8659 img_8663 img_8664 img_8665 img_8666 img_8667 img_8669 img_8688

Unfortunately, Space Mountain looks a bit worse for ware. It was completely filthy looking. You can see the grime build up from the line and as far as Star Trader.

img_8690 img_8697 img_8701

Construction and refurb continues over at Matterhorn.

img_8707 img_8709

The poor Tea Cups were closed due to the weather the day we visited the park.


Time for the insanity. People have been flocking to Fantasyland to visit The Red Rose Taverne, which use to be Village Haus. It now has a Beauty and the Beast overlay for the new film coming out soon. In the days prior to our visit, the store and resort were bombarded with fans trying to get their hands on the infamous Rose Cup. It is a clear plastic cup with a rose on the inside. I personally do not understand the fascination but my Wife wanted one badly. Happy Wife, happy life, so I waited in line. Unfortunately, word had gotten around that it was sold out Park wide! Even then people still waited in line to grab food here so they can try the Grey Stuff. It was over an hour and a half wait for food and the restaurant had not even open yet. It was completely bonkers. After feeling defeated my Wife wanted to drown her sorrows in a grilled cheese from Jolly Holiday.

img_8711 img_8712 img_8713 img_8725

We hope you enjoyed your quick visit to Disneyland in pictures!


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