Bloody Gras Review: A Devilish Good Time

As you walk down a dimly lit alley in the Los Angeles Fashion District, you start to wonder what course of events led you to this exact moment. The idea of a horror themed party at a secret location seemed so enticing and thrilling, but now you are alone in an alley wondering what exactly you signed yourself up for. Your heart rate quickens, you are almost thinking of turning back to the familiar surroundings of your car, when you see a dim glow from up ahead and the beat of music growing ever louder and you know you have reached the right place.


From the mind of Executive Producer and Creator, Matt Dorado, comes yet another sinful soiree; Bloody Gras! This year the Drunken Devil is back to transport you to New Orleans for a frightfully fun party filled with imaginative cocktails, magicians, burlesque girls, and even some voodoo magic if you are lucky enough to find Josephine (but we’ll get back to that later).


As soon as you exit the alley and ascend the candle lit staircase, you see a voodoo witch woman to your left and an open bar to your right. Featured was Fliqour Bean, a coffee flavored Whiskey. He had a whole separate menu with specialty drinks. So far so good!


As you proceed into the main room, decorated in all its splendour in tattered mardi gras banners and severed heads, you are swept up in the music of the live jazz band as magicians and other side show entertainers perform all around you. There is nothing left to do except grab a drink and dance the night away! Or is there…

img_8066 img_8077 img_8110 img_8112 img_8164

Getting back to Josephine,  A few days before the night of the event, all guests received a mysterious letter from a woman named Josephine. In the letter, Josephine speaks about how she believes that HE might be back… and that if you want to ‘keep your head’ you should seek her out on the night of the party. Ooh so mysterious!


So the night of the party arrives and everyone is scanning the crowd for Josephine in her red dress. After you find her in a secluded corner towards the back of the ballroom, she tells you the news that the Axe Man is indeed back and looking for his next victim. But she knows a way to stay safe! She reaches into her dress and hands you a vial and instructs you to find the Voodoo woman. She alone can perform a ritual to keep you safe.

Voodoo woman! We saw her on our way in! So that is where we go. We travel back through the crowd in search of the Voodoo woman. While stopping off to grab a few more drinks. We find her near the entrance, surrounded by all her voodoo talismans and trinkets. After we hand her the vial and tell her what we need (protection from the axe man), she leads us into a secluded room to perform the voodoo ritual of protection. Once inside the room we all hold hands and are instructed on what to say. All is going well until, well… until it’s not. It seems as though something went wrong and we have angered the spirits that were supposed to protect us. We are hurriedly ushered out of the room and told that there is no help for us… we are on our own. I hope other groups were luckier than ours. As we re-join the party, slightly on edge as we keep one eye open for the axe man, we grab another drink and get back into the swing of things. We stop by the photo booth, watch the blind juggler, and get a balloon animal made. All is going well as we settle in to watch the burlesque show.


The MC for the night is, of course, none other than the Drunken Devil Himself! And honestly, who could be better than the Devil to introduce such a sinfully seductive performance. Three lovely ladies took the stage one by one to perform for the captive audience.

img_8124 img_8180 img_8361

As the final dancer finished her performance, and gathered up her discarded clothing to the sound of applause from the audience, another sound cut through the night and chilled the blood in our veins… a woman’s scream. As the crowd parted a woman in a red dress could be seen falling to the floor. Poor Josephine turned out to be the Axe Man’s first Victim. Looks like the Voodoo Woman’s spell didn’t work for her either.


For the rest of the night the Axe man could be spotted lurking in the shadows or wandering through the crowds, clutching his axe with murder in his eyes. Would he strike again? Only time would tell…


Overall, Drunken Devil  has put on yet another fantastic horror themed party. They’ve had us experience the sinister side of the Los Angeles nightlife and left us begging for more. The event is the perfect combination of party, horror, interactive experience and burlesque. From the blood soaked flowers to the disrobed women on stage, everything you’d expect from the Devil is present at this devilishly fun event. For one flat fee you get a night filled with live music, live performances, an open bar, and an immersive interactive experience. What more could you ask for? While this night of frightful fun has ended, the Drunken Devil is hard at work conjuring up new, enticing and sinful ideas for his next big souriee.

As we walked down the alley back to our cars, we couldn’t help but hear the devilish laugh of the Drunken Devil echo through the dark and dampened alley way. Something to remember him by as we enter the truly scary place, the real world.


Congratulations to Matt and the whole crew for putting on such an incredible event.

For more information regarding The Drunken Devil and their next events, make sure to head over too

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