A Visit in Pictures: Disney California Adventure

Welcome to another editor of A Visit in Pictures. This time around, we visit the park across the way, Disney California Adventure. It was a gloomy day and I am sure plenty of people were prepared for some major rain.

The sun did make an appearance this day.

After gathering in the crowd for about 30-40 minutes waiting for rope drop, we were finally let loose into the park. We went straight for a Fast Pass for Radiator Springs Racers over in Cars Land.

Clearly we were not the only people to think of this idea. The line for Fast Pass stretched well past the entrance to Tough to Be A Bug in A Bugsland. It was rather crazy!

We were able to grab a couple coveted Fast Passes for the fabulous E ticket attraction!

After we grabbed our Fast Passes we headed over to Soarin’ Over the World! We took a detour through Grizzly Peak. Unfortunately Grizzly River Run was down for refurbishment. The water was all drained from the attraction so that Imagineers and workers can get into the inner workings of the attraction. To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I rode this ride. Kinda excited for it to return!

After we were done Soarin’, we made our way to the Beauty and the Beast Preview in the Sunset Showcase Theater!

You can still see the cracks in the wall left over from Muppet Vision 3D. The crack was made because Gonzo rode his motorcycle into the building.


Construction is continuing at a fast pace on the new Marvel theme attraction. If you look at the top of the building, you can see some of the finer details coming to life!

Something that I found rather interesting are the new trash cans that you can find throughout the resort. These probably have been here for a very long time, but this is my first time noticing. But I find it rather nice that Disney is giving the option to recycle and poor your liquids and ice somewhere separate. I honestly would feel bad for the people who have to separate it all or deal with people’s messes. Honestly, if this give them one ounce more of a break, then I am all for it.

The Beast’s Library and The Sorcerer’s Workshop are always fun places to kill some time before attractions or shows.

Nikki was not happy that she got Mrs. Incredible…

The street talent were out in full force this day. Interacting with the crowds of people trying to make their way to the next attraction.

My sweet is getting a sweet from Ghirardelli Chocolate.

FINALLY! It came our time to take a ride on Radiator Springs Racers!

This concludes our quick trip to Disney California Adventure to see any of the new additions and progress on upcoming attractions. Thanks for joining us on another Visit in Pictures.

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