Decayed Brigade Slides into Midsummer Scream!

Decayed Brigade Southern California Sliders 

Midsummer Scream 2017: Theme park panels, make-up demonstrations, haunted houses galore and… Sliders!!!! When planning out our itinerary and must see events at this year’s premier Halloween convention Midsummer Scream, Gabe and I knew at least one thing that we absolutely couldn’t miss. THE DECAYED BRIGADE! Every year this talented group of Men and Women put on an absolutely amazing demonstration of skills and abilities. And this year they did not disappoint!

If you are not familiar with Sliders, I’ll give you a brief sum up of what they are all about. It all Started at Halloween Haunt many years ago when a few scare actors working the event figured out that they could get a really good scare out of guests by falling to the ground and reaching for peoples feet. Eventually with refining, it was no longer a fall, but more of a slide. Once Todd Stubbler (Slider Number One) jumped in on this craze, he took it to the next level. He introduced skateboarding knee pads and gloves to the mix and the rest was history. Over the years this very simple concept evolved into what it is today. It’s a feat of skill that requires specialized gear and hours of practice. It is physically demanding and amazing to watch. And it seems like every year these amazing men and women seem to push the boundaries of what they are able to do.

This year at Midsummer Scream, the team of sliders known as the Decayed Brigade put on several shows over the span of two days. Gabe and I were able to catch the first show on Sunday. This year the shows were slightly different because they added more of a thematic element in the form of a story that continued throughout each show that day.

The show we caught started out with this young kid getting ready for bed, but he was finding it hard to get to sleep because he was watching videos of sliders on his computer. You could tell that he looked up to the sliders and aspired to be one himself! When he finally falls asleep for the night you soon realize that his dreams are anything but peaceful…

A slider slowly approaches his bed and takes over his dreams!

You are then thrown straight into his nightmare where he is surrounded by sliders who are using him as a human prop, sliding under him, jumping over him and just having loads of fun! We are then then treated to an amazing demonstration of the talents that these guys have as they drag the kid off the floor.

We see sliders jumping over each other and sliding under limbo poles that no human should be able to fit under.

At the end of the show the kid comes back out and he has been transformed into a slider himself! And he joins right in with all of his fellow sliders to perform some more tricks! That was the end of the show we saw, but the story continued on throughout the rest of the day in their other performances.

What Gabe and I love about this crew is that each member really crafts their own character and identity. From a Mime all the way to Death… literally Death personified, each team member has a character and personality that is all their own. That’s what draws people back to see them year after year just as much as their amazing skill do.

After the show, Gabe caught up with a couple members of the Decayed Brigade to chat and get an interview! You can listen to that here!

We have to say thank you to the WHOLE Decayed Brigade Crew for always putting on an amazing show, always being so kind and for just being so kick ass! If you are ever at an event with these guys there, do yourself a favor and DO NOT MISS IT! Also do not forget to check out their website


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