The Hall of Shadows Conjures Screams at Midsummer Scream

Many Halloween conventions have haunted houses and monsters, but none of them do it like Midsummer Scream. As you can see (pictured above) the team spared no expense when it came to their large scale dedication to all things that go bump in the night. As you approach, you are met by a towering sign! If that alone doesn’t make someone weak in the knees, then just wait till you venture inside! Presented by CalHauntS, here is the description for the wonderfully spooky entrance.

Pass through the gothic gates of a spooky old cemetery inspired by the tale of Sleepy Hollow. This portal into the Hall of Shadows is where spirits dwell, fog caresses age-old grave markers, and the legend of the Headless Horseman has never felt so real! Created by CalHauntS, an extremely talented group of Halloween enthusiasts based in Southern California, this elaborate point of entry sets the mood perfectly for the thrills and chills ahead.

As you step inside, you are greeted by The Headless Horseman who rears back with the full moon behind him. If you look closely at the gravestones that surround the area, they are filled with names of the wonderful ladies and gents that help make Midsummer Scream come to life every year. There was even a wonderful dedication to Gary Corb, the creator of the Hallowed Haunting Ground that passed away this past year. Perched on top of a grave stone sits a raven with glowing eyes! He calls out peoples names that seem to correspond to the tomb stones. And if you listen long enough, the voice might seem a bit familiar.

Here is a list of the different houses that made the Hall of Shadows their home over the weekend. We unfortunately did not make it in to all of them, but for those we did, we gave our thoughts.



Phobia Productions Presents: Grimm’s Hallow

Just when you thought it was safe to read old fairy tales… Come face the fears of the Old World. Monsters, nightmares, and childhood terrors wait around every corner. Heed what the storyteller says, or you may never return from Grimm’s Hallow!

I believe this was the only haunt in the Hall of Shadows this year that donates it’s proceeds to charity. Such wonderful Men and Women put in their blood, sweat, and tears to make your nightmares come to life so that they can help someone else’s dreams be met. This was the maze I felt had the least amount of set design (expected for such a short window of setup). But, the actor’s really owned the space and made it their own. Also at the end we were met with a wonderfully evil version of a well known Marvel character. Unfortunately I was unable to snap a shot of him! But think of its forest theme and I am sure you know who I am talking about!

Opechee Haunt’s Apparition Adventure: Terror Twins

Follow in the footsteps of the Specter Inspectors paranormal investigation team as you venture through the historically haunted Edwards Family Home. There are many secrets in this house; some are meant to be left undiscovered…

I’m not going to lie, I was so unbelievably impressed with Opechee Haunt. After spending some time in line (which, this had one of the longest) with the Mother of the creator and getting his background. I was astonished to find out that the gentleman who built this was HALF MY AGE! With the inclusion of timed video, sound effects and wonderful lighting the Opechee Haunt quickly became one of my favorites of the weekend and has solidified itself as a contender with the rest of the professional haunters in the Hall of Shadows. I very much look forward to seeing what comes next for this growing haunt.

Haunted Rose Presents: The Maritime Horror

The Haunted Rose presents another chapter of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror. Enter the seaport village of Innsmouth, where something sinister is lurking beyond the shadows. Discover the long-kept secret of the Marsh family, and see if you can escape its lure.

The Haunted Rose, a highlight of last years season, continues to impress with its H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror. The wonderful lighting mixed with amazing prosthetic work wowed us as we got scared around each and every corner. It is almost a shame that we don’t get more of this haunt!

Gorlesque Presents: Peep Show

The twisted minds behind The Weltschmerz Society return to Midsummer Scream with a bizarre showcase featuring the kind of lovelies Dr. Weltschmerz obsessed over. Because of the event’s multiple options for each presentation, guests are encouraged to return again and again to see them all!

Out of anything in the Hall of Shadows, Gorlesque was the most unique. With their distinctive blend of sexy and scary, Gorlesque packs a punch with its disturbing imagery and wonderfully seductive nature. This haunt was much different because it wasn’t a walk through like the rest. As you enter, you are met with a sign that says “Nobody Under 13 Admitted. When RED LIGHT is lit, no one under 18 admitted” which caught my eye and interest. As you enter, there is a U shaped bench with a stage in front. Having experience Gorlesque last year, I had an idea what was coming (No Pun Intended). We were met with a sexy strip tease with a projection behind the woman showing adjectives describing those before joining The Weltschmerz Society. Then of course we cannot leave without one final scare! Gorlesque’s unrelenting shock and sex appeal undoubtably left a mark on all guests that were brave enough to enter its Peep Show.

Higgins Manor

The walls of the Higgins estate have grown cold and silent since the disappearance of William P. Higgins III. But evil still resides inside his crumbling manor. There’s a suspected traitor… and his vicious henchmen are looking for answers.

The scares in this house were few and far between. That’s not to say there weren’t many actors, their timing was just a bit off. But what they did have was a wonderful monster who roamed the line as well as scared those who existed the maze. All in all it was just a tad inconsistent for our liking. On the bright side, I think their set design and maze design were well done.

Cold Storage

See if you can escape the sub-artic temperatures of this terror truck without being bitten by a frozen zombie, or before the frostbite sets in.

Hyde Street Massacre

The Hyde Street Massacre Haunted House is what your worst nightmares are made of. Go ahead and take a step through the doors of this nightmare-induced fright house… The only question is, will you survive the massacre? You’ll quickly realize the challenge you have accepted may be your last. You will then be lost within the haunting walls of Otis Hatcher’s killing chambers; a man so obsessed with Halloween, he lost his mind and became an infamous serial killer. It was a very bloody night.

Out of any of the haunts, Hyde St. gave us the biggest scare of the weekend. Wonderfully themed to traditional Halloween, you traverse hallways with glowing jack-o-lanterns and blood soaked sets. They were able to incorporate a wonderful sense of dread along with a witty sense of humor. Something not easily pulled off. This attraction was also jam packed full of talent that knew exactly what to do to garner the best scares out of it’s victims…guests.

Unhallowed Presents: The Last of Man

Gain access to an abandoned facility that once was home to a government project known as “The Last of Man”. It is believed that an airborne virus is still trapped inside…

Probably one of the more detailed facades in the Hall of Shadows, Unhallowed amazing detailed front continued through the attraction. Although the theme was be used many time over, the actors were able to execute the perfect scares. One actor had gloves on that made one of the walls spark which really got me startled!

Immersive Parties Mac: Mutation Analysis Center

Enter this facility and encounter mutations of the undead. The zombie apocalypse is over, and all that is left are the experimental test subjects that now occupy this bizarre Mutation Analysis Center. Do you dare enter?

There wasn’t many scares in this maze. They were all automated which doesn’t scare us at all. But it was by far the most eye popping maze with it’s glowing florescent colors on everything.

Mable’s 6 Feet Under

Motel 6 Feet Under “Scream Tests” are happening in the Hall of Shadows… Except this year, our little Mable will be waiting for you! Yes, it’s true – Mable has taken over the motel. And she is ready to squeeze the life out of the party. It’s Mable’s Motel now. Check in. Then get lost.

Dead Zone 805

You are part of a special crime unit sent to investigate the work shed of a suspected killer. Once inside, you discover much more than you ever could have imagined! You think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

The wonderful thing about The Hall of Shadows is its variety of scares it brings. There are so many choices of houses to go into, but walking around isn’t safe either. The Decayed Brigade Sliders (We posted an article on the site all about them!) 

The sliders had three shows a day with a booth right outside the exit of the Hall of Shadows. It was fun to watch them prey on unsuspecting people roaming the dark floors of the Hall of Shadows.

All together, I think it’s wonderful how diverse and vast the Hall of Shadows ended up being. It was a wonderful mix of creepy, scary, foreboding and enticing. I can only hope that the Hall of Shadows returns for Midsummer Scream 2018, bigger and badder! To keep up to date on anything and everything Midsummer Scream, make sure to visit their website:


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