Delusion: The Blue Blade – Director’s Cut

The Blue Blade – Director’s Cut

If you recall, back in late October or early November, we had the opportunity to experience The Blue Blade. The latest and greatest from Jon Braver and the crew at Delusion. If you did not have a chance to hear our review on our experience, you can do so now by clicking the link below!

If you don’t have the time to listen, to put it simply, we were blown away. The story was engaging, the acting was entrancing and Delusion’s ability to completely engross its participants for 50-60 minutes is astounding. After having experienced Delusion for the first time in 2016, we were hooked. Why go back to a normal play setting when you can actually be apart of the story?

After finishing our experience in The Blue Blade, we were told that it would come back for a “Director’s Cut” of sorts in the Spring. With Delusion having never done something like this before, we really didn’t know what to expect when we returned on a chilly Spring evening. It was like deja vu! We were back, drink in hand and filling our stomachs with delicious food from Cafe Fais Do-Do, waiting for our turn to jump back into the story of the Safeguard Society and the mystery of the Blue Blade.

Now, obviously we can’t and will not spoil this adventure for you! Nor will we be explaining in detail the differences between The Blue Blade and it’s Director’s Cut version. But what we will say is the ending, along with other details throughout, have changed drastically. When going through the experience, and reaching the point where the story shifts our response was literally that of shock and surprise. We exclaimed “Oh shit!” while trying to maintain composure and keep our jaws off the floor. The whole experience almost felt like a dream. A story and characters that are familiar, but at some point along the way was compromised by the insidious activities of Professor Evelyn Lowell.

In an almost M. Night Shyamalan fashion, Jon Braver has created such a different take on the story of the Blue Blade, that requires multiples experiences to fully comprehend. With unparalleled theatrical sets, acting and stories; Delusion continues to prove that it’s the hottest ticket in Los Angeles for those willing to lose themselves in a story for about an hour or so. According to Jon, The Blue Blade was their most ambitious play to date and it shows! With incredible stunts and detailed sets, The Blue Blade transports it’s guests even though you’ve never left the venue!

We are always so incredibly impressed with Delusion and it different incarnations; especially with the Director’s Cut of The Blue Blade. We can only hope that this could be the beginning of more Director’s Cuts in the future of Delusion.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Delusion, make sure to click the link below to buy your tickets today. If you have, but haven’t had the chance to experience the Director’s Cut version, click the link below as well. You have until March 17th to experience The Blue Blade!



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