Running Universal Events: T-Rex, Minions, Trolls OH MY!

Running Universal Events: T-Rex, Minions, Trolls OH MY!

Most people are familiar with the Run Disney running events in Anaheim or Orlando. But did you know Universal Studios Hollywood have their own as well? So far, there have been a couple different themes, and most recently another one added. The lovable Dreamworks Trolls will be debuting their Running Universal Event along side the Minions and Jurassic World!

 Universal Studios Hollywood kicks off its newest “Running Universal” race with a hair-raising tribute to DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls franchise on Sunday, April 26 with a 5K, a Kids’ 1K and a 10K run.
            This spirited run invites guests to get in the groove and find their happy place as they navigate the theme park and portions of the world-famous backlot while being entertained by their favorite characters from the 2016 animated blockbuster and the upcoming sequel, Trolls World Tour (in theaters April 17, 2020), including Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick in the films), Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) and Guy Diamond, among other DreamWorks Animation characters such as Shrek®, Princess Fiona and Puss in Boots; Po and Tigress, as well as Alex and King Julien.


Last weekend, thousands of runners descended upon Universal Studios Hollywood for the Running Universal Event. This time around, the theme was to Jurassic World! Nothing else inspires runners to run faster like a carnivorous animal stalking you for their next meal.

Now, we aren’t much of the running type. Although Nikki has made it known that these events are too cool to pass up and wants to train for a future event, so keep your eyes out for us in the future. Even though we aren’t the running type, Nikki is totally right, these events are really cool. We’ve always talked about how Universal Studios has some of the best character meet and greets. And within this event, you can meet some of your favorite characters. Specifically with this Running Universal event, you got to meet Dinos!

As runners passed under the famous Jurassic World arch, they could stop to meet some of the famous Dinos that walk the park during regular hours. These character meet and greet opportunities were absolutely perfect because many of the runners where dressed up at Universal characters! Some specific to the theme and others as famous characters in general.

I do have to say, it was rather odd yet satisfying to see Doc and Marty take a picture with Blue the Raptor! Other than the amazing photos with characters, the runners also get to run past historic portions of the famous Universal Studios Backlot! Many of the parts you get to see from the tram, you now get to pass by on foot without the hindrance of the tram! Just thinking that Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Jim Carey, Tom Cruise and other incredibly famous people walked the same path that you’re running is unbelievable and completely unique.

As runners passed the finish line in Universal Citywalk, they were greeted with their medals and refreshments! These medals alone would make me want to join in on the running because they are very cool!

The 5k participants got the T-Rex medal, the kids participating in the 1K  got the Blue Skeleton medal and there was a special Raptor medal for completing multiple races!

Overall, this event seems to be the perfect fit for Universal Studios Hollywood and could be extremely appealing to many people who aren’t runners, including ourselves. There is something so special about being able to pass by some of the most famous movie sets in history early in the morning on the Universal Backlot while staying fit. That type of experience simply cannot be recreated anywhere else.

If you’re interested in Registering for the next Running Universal event, make sure to click HERE!






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