Christmas Shines Bright at Universal Studios Hollywood


Happy Whobilation and Merry Christmas from Whoville and Hogwarts! It’s that time of year again, and Universal Studios Hollywood is rolling out the tinsel and mistletoe for the holiday season.

First, Grinchmas is back, and the Grinch is ready to celebrate his newly found love for the Christmas season with you! Enjoy a nightly tree lighting with the Whos, including Cindy Lou Who and even the Grinch himself. Seeing the story of the Grinch be told in person with all the characters really makes for a special experience. Especially if this is the first time you get to share this traditional story with your family.

If you’re feeling friendly, you can meet the Grinch and talk about just about anything. He tries his Grinch-y best to stay int he holiday mood, even though that may slip every now and again! The Grinch’s furry best friend, Max is also available for a meet-n-greet.

If you have a Grinch/Seuss lover in your life (like our friend Tracey from The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast) then there is plenty of Seuss-inspired merchandise available, from Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts, to Grinch onesies. Why not be green like the Grinch all year long.

To send goodwill to people less fortunate, Universal Studios makes a charitable donation to School on Wheels for every postcard sent by guests visiting. This is really cool because it drives home the true meaning of the Holidays.

The Whobilacious Treats include a Grinch donut, peppermint bark, and many more tasty holiday snacks. If you venture out to Mel’s Diner, you can also snag Who-Hash! This flavorful concoction is a mixture of tater tots, corned beef, white gravy and other whobiliscious ingredients. Unfortunately, we did not get to try this during out visit. But we will be back soon to shove our faces full of Who-Hash.

What would a Whobilation be without some merry Whos? Talk with all the citizens of Whoville, even the mayor! The characters that roam the grounds of Grinchmas really take the experience to the next level for us. Really helping create the sense that these people are truly citizens of Whoville. It’s always a whoot to interact with these fun loving characters.

Over in Hogsmeade and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the wizards are once again decorating and putting on a show! The Christmas Time at Hogwarts nighttime show is back. There are beautiful Christmas decorations all over the quaint village. Even the crowd favorite Hot Butterbeer makes its return to Hogsmeade. Christmas is a perfect fit for the Wizarding World, especially with its snow capped roofs. It’s also the perfect way to end your nighty watching the dazzling “Christmas Time at Hogwarts” projection show.

Be sure to get out to Universal Studios Hollywood this holiday season to experience all this, and more! To get yourself in the Grinch-y mood, make sure to watch this oldie but a goodie. GRINCH ASMR!

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