On July 12, we visited Universal Studios Hollywood to see what progress had been made on Halloween Horror Nights construction. After a whole year of not having HHN in our lives, seeing the construction actively happening in the park is BEYOND exciting and is really getting us hyped for the event. Now, whether or not the event will be a full HHN is yet to be seen. But regardless, walking through horrifying scenes pulled right from our favorite properties is sure going to bring a smile to our faces. Full transparency, this update is about the construction and how far along its gotten, it is NOT a speculation update. We leave that to other outlets to cover! Let’s wait no further and get started!


First up, we have the maze in the Waterworld Queue. This is the first maze you’ll see as you enter the park on the right hand side up the pathway. Most of it is pretty well covered, but when you wrap around the side of the construction to enter the show, you can get a good view of the facade that will most likely be the entrance to the maze. In prior years, this is where the entrance has been. We do know that previously there was some signage of the facade that seems to have been taken down for now.


Next, we have this very obvious book facade for this maze. We actually really love these types of facades because it’s a literal physical representation of guests stepping into the content.

There really isn’t too much to see from the outside, although you can see some theming happening on some of the walls. Almost looks like rock or concrete walls of sorts.


Next up is the maze in the Mummy Extended Queue. The only bits that can be seen are the facade and the ending of the maze. The facade looks like a fence leading into some sort of house or property. Then the ending seems to feature some type of shed structure.

This maze still looks like it’s being set dressed and ready for the event, like most of the mazes are at this point. It’s just a bit more obvious since we can see directly into the maze.


Now, time for the best viewed maze constructions at the park. This location for the mazes is totally new for this years event. Previously these mazes would probably be featured on the Metro Sets, but we most likely will not be going down there this year.

The facade of this maze below is extremely similar to a maze we had at HHN in 2019. That maze was The Curse of Pandora’s Box, which was a highlight for us in 2019. It felt unwavering in its assault on the guests wandering through the maze. So if it truly is TCPB, we are down to see it return since it was so damn good the first time. Excited to see if there are any additions or changes to the experience.

This other maze is yet to be known as of now. Its facade is similar to what we’ve seen for American Horror Story where its just a flat facing facade with images on the front. Instead of a house or structure. Usually you can get some type of clue into what the maze could be based on what building materials you can see, but this one was tough. The only clue I saw was a piece of wood that was painted to look like flames. Obviously this is too little to go off of, but time will tell what this maze ends up being.

We’re excited to visit these mazes because of the new location. Any time we can visit a new part of the park during HHN, we’re game!


Soon the Dinosaurs of Jurassic World and the Transformers of…Transformers will have an Italian Plumber as a neighbor. The green colorful hills of Super Nintendo World are overtaking the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood! To say we are excited for this new land is a COMPLETE understatement. Growing up playing Mario games and being addicted to Nintendo games will make visiting this land a dream come true!

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