The fog has finally settled down in the the quiet town of Calico, transforming it into the monstrosity that we’ve all come to know and love….Knott’s Scary Farm! Every Halloween season, The Farm transforms into largest and most haunting Halloween event in Southern California, with unimaginable scares and innovative thrills that can’t be found anywhere else. From the dark and fog filled streets of Calico, to the zany circus of Carnevil; there’s something for everyone at Scary Farm. As major fans of the event, we were counting down the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes before we got to experience our beloved event again. When we finally stepped foot back into the park for Scary Farm we were extremely emotional. The amount of joy and excitement we felt was almost unmatched and we soaked up every single moment of it.

Coming back to the event after missing 2020 made us a bit apprehensive. Will the monsters still be on their A game? Will the old mazes still hold up? Will the experience feel different because of the time we had away? So many questions filled our heads and left us very concerned over all. What had happened to our beloved Scary Farm over the “missing year” of the event. Funny enough, it’s like nothing ever changed in the best of ways.

If anything, 2021 feels more alive…no pun intended. The excitement from guests is palpable and the intensity of the monsters is electric. Opening night was crazy! Monsters were putting 110% into every moment during the night and you could tell they missed us as much as we missed them. Even the monsters within the mazes were hitting scares harder and faster than we remembered. Maybe it was just the year away, but it felt way more intense than we remembered.

After having experienced Scary Farm 2021, we think the team behind the nightmares continue to reinvent and elevate themselves year after year. The event as a whole feels cohesive yet extremely diverse in its offerings. Not many events are able to balance cohesiveness and as many options of entertainment that Knott’s brings to the table. In fact, outside of the 8 mazes (Pumpkin Eater, Dark Ride, Mesmer, Origins, Paranormal Inc, Wax Works, The Depths, Dark Entities), 5 different scare zones (Ghost Town, Carnevil, The Hollows, Forsaken Lake, The Gore-ing 20’s)and 2 Halloween themed attractions (Mine Ride and Log Ride); Scary Farm offers a staggering 7 other pieces of entertainment scattered through the park. This also doesn’t count the “surprise” moments that guests mights stumble upon in a scare zone.

The sheer amount of special offerings Scary Farm provides guests is staggering. There is simply too much to see and do within one night at the event. We’ve said this in the past and will stick by it in 2021, Scary Farm is a multiple night event. In order to fully take in everything they have to offer without running yourself ragged, you need to take your time and appreciate it all over a couple nights. From the insane puppetry of Puppet Up, to the world of 1988 in Invitation to Terror; the shows aren’t just plentiful but really hit all the notes you’d want at a Halloween event.

With each one of those visits, you’re bound to get a bit hungry while traversing the fog. This year, more than most it seems, there are so many speciality items you can only get during the spooky season. And these are far from your traditional theme park items, although they still have those options. The creativity of the team behind the food and beverage options stands out in 2021 with so many fun and tasty treatss that should be on everyone’s “must try” lists. You can check out our “SNEAK PEEK AT KNOTT’S SCARY FARM 2021” article that showcases the food at this years event for a more in depth look. But some of our favorites were the Petrified Pizza Burgers and the Mummy Dogs!

If there was any criticism of this years event that we have, it’s the population of the monsters within the mazes. It felt inconsistent at times and left corridors long and unattended. It’s no surprise that this is due to the issue of finding people to hire for the event. This seems to be an issue within the US currently and it’s affecting this event. They are even still hiring for the event! Hopefully this is something that can be resolved quickly before we fully get into October.

Overall, Scary Farm in 2021 hasn’t missed a beat and still stands as the Grand Daddy of all Halloween events. With major additions of Mesmer and The Gore-ing 20’s (REVIEWS COMING SOON); Scary Farm is a not to be missed event. In the coming weeks, you’ll see our maze, scare zones, and entertainment reviews here on the site. And you’ll hear our full review podcast in the coming weeks. So make sure to stay tuned to our socials when we drop the rest of our reviews of Scary Farm 2021! You’ll have enough Scary Farm coverage to last all season long! Below you’ll find this years map (there are no physical ones for 2021) so you can plan your nightmares just the way you want them!



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