Entertainment at Knott’s Berry Farm across the multiple seasonal events is always a major highlight of our visits. Not only does Knott’s provide top notch entertainment, but there’s usually a plethora of options when visiting the park. From small intimate moments to large scale productions, Knott’s has it covered. During Scary Farm 2022, they continue on that trend. This year, Knott’s has 4 major offerings in terms of entertainment while visiting Knott’s Scary Farm.

First up, we have Conjurers: Dark Magic in the Bird Cage Theatre.

The fog in Calico is thick.  The screams of the denizens of the night echo all around. The only safe place to take refuge is in The Bird Cage Theatre. You know the place, right next to the Undertaker. It seems that with death no longer the end, the Undertaker has nearly been run out of business. Fortunately, in all his dealings with death and the afterlife, he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. Tricks will come in handy as he crosses over to the other side to show our still-living guests what he’s learned…

This wonderfully irreverent and mystifying piece of entertainment isn’t your typical magic show. Here, Zabrecky uses his skilled mentalism and humor to delight the crowds visiting the Bird Cage Theatre. Not only is this show funny, but it’s wildly impressive. Additionally, it’s nice to have a magic show with some spooky flair to stay within the tone of Scary Farm.

I was actually very lucky because I was brought up on stage to participate and I had such a great time. Zabrecky is hysterical and really had us in stitches.

If you’re looking for something a bit more…grand and large scale. You might want to head on over to the Calico Mine Stage for Le Magnifique Carnaval Du Grotesque.

Step right up and walk into the mystique and darkness of the malevolent “Le Magnifique Carnaval Du Grotesque.” A collection of death-defying feats and carnival acts that will delight your darkest desires and fill your senses with terror and delight.

This dazzling collection of carnival acts will have guests entranced. From top to bottom, Le Magnifique Carnaval Du Grotesque feels like the most polished and impressive stage show we’ve seen at Scary Farm.

The stage is wonderfully eerie, the hosts hit the perfect style of humor and creepiness, and the acts range from fun to down right jaw dropping. In fact, there is one act that we found EXTREMELY difficult to watch because we were so scared. This is in fact the Wheel of Death portion of the show, which you can see a clip of below…


Honestly, my hands were sweaty recording this video. This man is a professional and it still scares me too much to watch all the way through! #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage

♬ original sound – TheThemeParkDuo

Rewatching this video makes our palms just a bit sweaty at just the thought of being up there on that contraption…better him than us! But from the fire dancers to the dance troupe, we cannot recommend this show more. It draws a massive crowd so we suggest showing up a bit early so you can grab the perfect seat.

While maybe a much smaller role than those doing the acrobatics, one of our favorite portions of the show was pretty much anything with Cecil The Sad Clown. Cecil warmed up the crowd before the show started and really had people laughing. Side note, massive shoutout to West Coaster for allowing me to use some of their amazing photos. Do make sure to check out their coverage of Scary Farm because they have some incredible photos.

After something so exciting, you’re probably going to want to calm down a bit. So why not take a stroll inside the Factory Store to see the Into The Fog: Art Show!

Into the Fog is an art show specially curated for the discerning Scary Farm fan. The show is home to a collection of original art by unique and talented artists from across the country. These artists have drawn inspiration from Knott’s Scary Farm’s rich 49 year history and we’re certain you’ll find an original or print you’ll want to take home with you.

Here you’ll find a vast array of different pieces of art celebrating Knott’s Scary Farm. As massive fans of the event, we love being able to take home one of a kind pieces of art that we can hang up on our walls. Not only that, but by buying these pieces of art, you’re helping to support local artists as well. Visit the Factory Store and leave with your favorite piece of art to commemorate your visit the Scary Farm.

Now that you have your art in hand, you might be looking to relax for a bit and maybe even have a laugh or two. Right across the way from the Factory Store is The Walter Knott Theatre where you can find Puppet Up: Uncensored!

Returning nightly to Knott’s Scary Farm for the 2022 season, Puppet Up! Uncensored is an outrageous, off–the-cuff live show featuring a combination of improvisational comedy and the magic of puppetry performed by a cast of world-class comedian puppeteers from The Jim Henson Company. In true uncensored form, the content is driven by audience suggestions and participation, topped with the zany antics and naughty shenanigans of the colorful and brazen puppet cast. Puppet Up! – Uncensored will be performed three times each night at Knott’s Scary Farm and is intended for mature audiences.

This incredibly inappropriate and hilarious show has been our favorite piece of entertainment at Scary Farm since it joined the line up of entertainment offerings. There hasn’t been a visit where we didn’t find ourselves nearly crying from laughing so hard.

And there is no greater feeling when one of your suggestions gets picked to be turned into one of their sketches. In fact, the last time we visited the prompt they threw to the crowd was “next years new scary farm haunted house”. I yelled out “PUBERTY!” as loud as I could and that is what they ended up doing. I was in the back row too, so I had to be loud enough. Needless to say, I was not disappointed with the outcome.

Last and certainly not least, we have the Calico Candy Mountain attraction and the Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny for those who want to ride attractions that keep the holiday spirit alive. Both of these attractions are decked out for the Halloween season. While the Timber Mountain Log Ride is more traditionally halloween in it’s decor and more family friendly in its execution (it’s the same during Spooky Farm) Calico Candy Mountain is anything but traditional and its rather sinister as well.

During the day, Calico Candy Mountain is a family friendly adventure into the mines. But at night, it takes on a much darker tone. We wrote about this attraction last year and how much we loved it. Thankfully it was plussed this year with some extra effects and dialogue that takes the experience to the next level. I won’t spoil it for anyone reading here, but beware of the mines. Kids are starting to go missing inside…

Overall, this year seems to have taken entertainment offerings to the next level. With the high production value of Le Magnifique Carnaval Du Grotesque, the humor of Puppet Up and the magic of Conjurors; Scary Farm strikes the perfect balance of entertainment offerings. It’s so nice to see such a wide variety of offerings while at the park, especially in tone. One thing to note, while these are the major offerings while at the park, there are multiple entertainment pieces that are NOT listed! For example, nightly, there is a procession in Forsaken Lake. At midnight, the wicker man is lit ablaze in The Hollows, and a lively band plays above the Gore-ing 20’s Scare Zone. In fact, I’d love to see these type of special experiences expanded upon within each scare zone to add even more spontaneity to the experience of Scary Farm. Just happening upon such pieces of entertainment is so much fun and feels special. While we often say the mazes should be the priority while visiting any haunted event, Scary Farm makes a strong argument why you should stop for a moment to take in one of these amazing offerings.


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