Knott’s Spooky Farm 2022 Review

There’s something special about seeing things through the eyes of a child. When we think of our favorite Knott’s Berry Farm events, our adult minds instantly gravitate towards some of the big hitters like Scary Farm, or Boysenberry Festival. But… ask a child… and you will most likely get a very different answer. Our Daughter, for instance, after the weekend we just had would confidently state that Knott’s Spooky Farm is her favorite event at Knott’s Berry Farm!

A favorite event for the young (or young at heart) there is a palpable excitement and buzz all along the streets of Ghost Town as children in costumes run from booth to booth going ‘trick or treating’ for their favorite Halloween goodies during Knott’s Spooky Farm. Of course, we could not pass up the opportunity to put our kiddo in her fabulous princess costume and join in the fun.

As soon as you enter, all children are given a bright orange trick or treating bag and then the fun begins! As soon as you enter Ghost Town, you’ll notice all the amazing decorations that adorn the many buildings. We are always incredibly impressed with how well the park is decorated. Especially because the decorations work so well during the day at Spooky Farm as well as Scary Farm in the heavy fog and lighting. These many skeletons and jack-o-lanterns exude the very essence of the season and we simply cannot get enough of it.

Trick or treating is set up all throughout Ghost Town in easy-to-spot bright purple booths. Each with a fun cartoon character on the front. It was so much fun watching our little princess run from booth to booth and really get into the spirit of the event.

Another highlight for us, and our kiddo, was undoubtedly the walk around characters in Ghost town. These ghostly townsfolk were just the right amount of spooky and fun. An excellent primer for the next generation of Scary Farm visitors!

But seriously, the talent and charisma of these characters never ceases to amaze us. Our little one was excited, but timid, at first… but was eventually chasing down these characters wanting to take pictures with them. Her favorite was a girl Ghost with a teddy bear who was very sweet and talked with our little one for quite a while. It’s little moments like these that make all the difference and are what really sets Knotts apart in terms of guest experience.

After getting our fill of candy (for the time being) we made our way into the Livery Stable which had been transformed into a home for creepy crawlies of all kinds… and a skeleton horse!!! Having a hands-on experience in the Livery Stable is such a fun and unique touch that we always enjoy. Our little one was fascinated by the turtles and the lizards, and Gabe was even brave enough to hold a cockroach!

If there is one thing you should prioritize during your visit, especially if you have little ones, it is the Bob Baker Marionette Show in the Birdcage Theater. It is a nice way to take a break and enjoy some Halloween entertainment for the whole family.

To say that this was a highlight of the day for our little one would be an understatement. Her laughter and squeals of joy as these puppets danced and hopped (and bicycled) around the stage is something that I will remember for years to come. We would recommend getting there early and grabbing a seat towards the front, it makes for a really fun time, although all the seats in the Bird Cage Theater are good. But if you sit in the front row, you might just be included in some of the shenanigans that happen on stage! Also, make sure to stay after the show because the performers allow all the kids to take pictures with some of the characters used in the shows.

Once we got our fill of candy, our kiddo had a quick costume change and we headed on over to Camp Spooky! Every time we visit we ride Lucy’s Tug Boat, so this was our very first stop. But we did play a game and our kiddo won! We won an adorable candy corn Snoopy! We absolutely love the attention to the prizes throughout the park. As the seasons change, so do the prizes.

Also in Camp Spooky is the Sierra Railroad which has been set up for Halloween, and The Great Pumpkin Palooza in the Camp Snoopy Theater. This show is a musical celebration of the best holiday, HALLOWEEN! Do make sure to take your time while walking through this section of the park because the decorations are just adorable.


We say it over and over again, but it still remains true… there is something special about Knott’s Berry Farm. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what sets it apart, but for our little family it would have to be the focus that the park puts on making special moments for its guests. It’s the little details that can sometimes be overlooked that Knott’s seems to be so good at focusing on. We love this park for the simple joy it brings our little one when a character takes a few extra moments to talk to her, or the joy in her eyes when she “wins” a candy corn Snoopy plush in Camp Snoopy. Heck, we love this park for how easily it brings the child out in us.We will be hearing about our trip to Spooky Farm for weeks to come, and if that isn’t proof of a successful event, I don’t know what is. Thank you, Knott’s Berry Farm for being the place that we continually want to revisit to keep making family memories to last a lifetime.

Knott’s Spooky Farm runs Daytime Thursdays – Sundays, September 29th – October 30th, plus Halloween!

For more information regarding Knott’s Spooky Farm and how to purchase tickets, visit

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