Universal Citywalk Food Options Grow in Quality and Taste

VIVO and Antojitos at Universal Citywalk

We have a storied history with Universal Citywalk at Universal Studios Hollywood, probably more than most. Nikki and I had our very first date at Citywalk and had many many more afterwards. Amajority of which would involve us going to Hot Topic and buying a small blind box toy, getting frozen yogurt and trying to find something to eat. Finding something substantial that wasn’t the hybrid  KFC Taco Bell fast food location was somewhat difficult. Yes there were sit down locations, but nothing that really called our names. We loved Bubba Gumps, but couldn’t eat there every time!

Universal Citywalk has been growing its food and drink options over the past couple of years. In our opinion, revitalizing the entire experience of Citywalk. Recently, with the addition of VIVO and Antojitos; Citywalk has become a food destination that cannot be missed. These two new offerings are very different than each other. Other than the fact that one is Italian and the other is Mexican, one is a bit more fancy while the other thrives in a fun casual atmosphere. We were very lucky to have been invited by Universal to try food and drink from both restaurants. Both have some outrageously delicious and mouth water dishes they serve up nightly.


At VIVO, we were able to try the Sausage Ragu & the Pesto Trofie! Both were extremely unique and tasty. Inside, they had all the different food offerings just to make our mouth water.  After tasting and seeing many different options, it is clear that the food has been raised to a whole new level of excellent.

They also had a myriad of different dessert options as well. Our favorite was the Cheesecake. It was light and fluffy while still being extremely creamy and smooth. Compliments to the pasty chef who was able to accomplish such a feat.

For drinks, VIVO has a rather large menu of Wines, Champagnes, and mixed drinks. We tried one of the table wines with our pasta and it was phenomenal. We also tried the Cucumber Cooler which balanced the flavors of cucumber well with the Vodka.

If we were looking to get dressed up and have a nice dinner out away from our 1 year old, VIVO would be a fantastic choice!


We can easily see ourselves ordering a cadillac margarita and some appetizers at Antojitos before seeing a movie at the Cinemas. The urban design and aesthetic to the restaurant is definitely up our alley and gives the entire experience some flair. The redesign of the space is excellent! the whole venue feels more open and inviting, The vibrant bar practically begs you to come in and have a seat.

We were able to try the Jicama Shrimp Tacos as well as their Ceviche and both were delicious. We did find the taco to be extremely interesting because there is no tortilla! It is completely replaced with a very thin slice of jicama. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss the tortilla in the mixture. I think this is because of the many flavors that are packed into this small bite of food.

In the dessert department, Antojitos has you covered! It wouldn’t be a mexican restaurant if they didnt have some type of Flan or Tres Leches cake. I am a HUGE snob when it comes to Flan and Tres Leches. If it’s off just by a tad, I WILL NOT EAT IT! I am happy to report that both these desserts are absolutely amazing. I want to eat MORE of the Tres Leches cake. When visiting, make sure to give this one a try. It was the standout favorite of the desserts.

When it comes to the drinks, Antojitos has you covered with a myriad of different traditional drinks as well as some that are a bit more creative. We tried the Fire and Ice cocktail which included a full ice pop floating in it!

They are also offering Tequila Flights at the restaurant and we were lucky enough to speak to the mixologist on staff about the different types of tequila that were brought into the restaurant. We were informed that almost all of the tequilas offered at this location were hand chosen to fit the type of food offerings. They were also very particular as to where the spirits came from; Specifically, they wanted tequila that was being distilled on established haciendas. With a long list of requirements, they chose this route because by purchasing the tequila from these specific haciendas, the money goes back into the community. Which is a noble way of running your business.

Now, I am no tequila drinker at all. Nikki is more into the spirit than I am. But I gave the flight a shot because I am always willing to take a deep dive into the facts and details behind spirits. After tasting a few different tequilas, my position has completely changed. I have a new found appreciation for the intricacies of the spirit and can see myself ordering it again.


Both VIVO and Antojitos are wonderful new additions to Citywalk Hollywood! Both developing and creating their own unique style of dining experience that Citywalk deserves. You will definitely catch us on a date night dinner at both these locations in the near future. Now, just to find a babysitter!

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