Super Nintendo World Construction Update & Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood

This past weekend, we stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood to see the progress of Super Nintendo World on the lower lot. We also wanted to see the shift as striking sets from Halloween Horror Nights go down and the colorful lights of Grinchmas go up around the park. First up, Citywalk!

The Universal Studio Store put out some of the first merchandise for Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood. Our favorite happened to be the Max plush that would inevitably end up being our Daughters. They have some truly cute items for sale that we might need to pick up before Christmas rolls around!

As we entered the park, we made a pit stop inside the Universal Studio Store for some discounted Halloween Horror Nights merchandise.

We didn’t have the opportunity to snag our shirts this year before the event, but we got lucky with how much there was after the event. Sometimes items are picked over and there really aren’t many options to choose from. But we were able to snag 6 shirts, a candle, a magnet, buttons, and a pin for about $70. Which is an absolutely crazy discount!

On your next visit to the park, make sure to stop by and see what they have left. Because you can easily fill your wardrobe before next years HHN. As we exited the store, we saw that many of the building in the entry of the park had begun getting stringed lights. Although we prefer the fog and intense lighting of HHN, there is something exciting about seeing the holidays take shape at the park.

Next we stopped by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to see the progress of Christmas while the muggles try their hands at magical spells.

If you’ve ever visited the Wizarding World, you’d know that it almost always feels like the holidays. The snow that adorns the rooftops of the buildings really helps create that setting. But, you can see that Universal is busy adding wreaths and garland to all the buildings in the Wizarding World. In the past, the garlands and wreaths all were themed to their specific buildings which really took the decorations to the next level. Made it seem as though each store was in charge for decorating and making it special to them.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…Super Nintendo World Construction! Not a massive amount has changed since the last time we saw the land. But noticeably different was the inclusion of scaffolding on the (soon to be) Bowser’s Castle.

Other than that, it all feels very much at the beginning stages of its construction. But it still gets us so excited seeing the wonderful green hills of the new land as we come down the escalators to the lower lot. From that vantage point, you can see where the green pipe is located and where guests will enter the new land.

If you have a hard time locating the pipe from the escalators, its right between Transformers and the food area on the lower lot. It has the cool wall with Mario and Luigi that’s perfect for a selfie. While on the lower lot, I found some pretty cute Minion ornaments that I’ve never seen before.

Lastly, we saw construction happening in the Universal Plaza. Everything HHN was coming down, and everythng for Grinchmas was going up. If you’re unfamiliar with Grichmas, Universal constructs a massive curved Christmas tree that feels like it jumped right out of the film. There you can meet the Grinch himself, Max the dog, and a wide variety of Whoville citizens.

That’s it for our update from Universal Studios Hollywood. Grinchmas is slowly moving in as Halloween Horror Nights is moving out and we are very excited. The crisp air mixed with a hot butter beer is becoming ever more enticing. Make sure to follow our blog and social media pages for more updates regarding Universal Studios Hollywood and other Southern California theme park and events.

Below you’ll find more photos from our trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!

If you want to see what Christmas is like at Universal Studios in the past, check out our video from 2018!

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